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Ministry Update

Update from Roger Oakland 7/17/16

The purpose of this short update is twofold. I want to personally invite you to our two-day Understand The Times conference and ministry gathering in Regina, Saskatchewan August 13 and 14th,.  Details are available by clicking on the following link on our web site.


Saturday events are open to all at no charge. The only sign up required for the two day event is the Sunday turkey dinner that will be a catered event. We will need to know in advance how many will be attending. Children under 12 are welcome with adult parents at no charge or a small offering will be accepted at the door.

Second, on Monday July 18th,  four of my friends will be leaving with me for Rome. Italy where I am scheduled to present a paper at a conference on the environment representing Bible believing Christianity. This is not the first time I have been asked to make a presentation of this nature.

We will also be documenting this trip by camera and visiting the typical sites tourists visit when they make trips to Rome. Our plan is to obtain video footage to make several video documentaries documenting our finds and revealing to our viewers some of the key things to understand regarding the times we live.

Also, Lord willing, we will be sending back reports via the internet regarding this trip so that our followers can keep track of the events and locations we will be experiencing first hand.

Please pray for these two events.


Roger Oakland

Understand The Times


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