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Ministry Update

2011 year end update

Throughout my life I have seen God lead and direct our steps so that Myrna and I would head down paths we had never thought possible. When a door shuts or a vision seems to come to an end, God has shown us that He has other plans. Ministry, and being led by the Lord, is an exciting journey. Sometimes, it is easier to remain where you are and be comfortable; however, when God moves you on there can be no turning back. Now as we approach the end of another year, I believe we are once again about to embark on another new adventure as we follow Jesus.

2011 was a year I will not soon forget. It was a time best described as a time for moving on and letting God close doors and open others. While losing friends and ministry associates was difficult to accept at first, I eventually could see that God was leading us away from a danger zone that will soon implode. Better to be outside the danger zone when this happens than to be smothered by the debris.  The world and the church are about to see what happens when men follow men, their methods and their movements and not Jesus.

During the year, the Lord showed me more than ever before that the future of the ministry of Understand The Times lies in His hands and His hands alone. While I have been threatened and warned to shut up for telling the truth, I fear no man.  While our support dwindled initially when we made our separation from the pseudo church public, this divorce actually was a blessing. People from around the world and from many backgrounds sent us encouraging e-mails and letters stating they were going to stand behind ministries that were willing to stand up for the truth and not be intimidated.

Once it became apparent that I was well enough to travel again, the Lord gave me the desire and the passion to reach out to those who truly want to hear the truth worldwide – particularly widows and orphans. I was able to go to the Philippines and Myanmar in January.  Our trip to South Africa and Kenya in November was a life changing experience and confirmed the direction the Lord is taking Understand The Times. Our first-hand observation confirmed that God was not done with the ministry of Understand The Times. While churches in North America continue down the road towards becoming bigger businesses, we could see that true Christianity is not based on power and possession of property but reaching out and being used by the Lord to help those who are in need.

Another highlight of the year was the publishing of my life story by Lighthouse Trails called “Let There Be Light.” The book describes the journey of my life and how God has led me through many difficulties and experiences so that I am now completely sold out to serving Jesus Christ whatever the cost.

As the New Year opens, our first missions outreach trip will be to the Philippines and Myanmar in late January and early February. We will also be active in promoting the new works that have been started in South Africa and Kenya. Through the generous support that has been sent to us both to Canada and the USA we are now taking on the challenge of supporting approximately 200 children that otherwise would have had very little chance to survive, all in memory of our son Bryce. Our desire is to provide for the basic needs of these children and to build them up in the Christian faith so they can be ambassadors for Jesus in very dark places.

This coming year will also be a new challenge for our family. My wife Myrna is retiring from her work as an industrial nurse, a job she has had for over 20 years here in southern California, which has made it possible for us to do much of the ministry that has been accomplished. How God leads us from this point on will be another walk of faith, but like Abraham and his family, we are willing to follow.

Myrna and I both want to thank you for participating in the ministry of Understand The Times. For those of you who have financially supported the Ministry of Understand The Times during 2011, we will be sending you a complimentary copy of “Let There Be Light” as a token of our appreciation.

We pray that God will bless you and your family in a mighty way throughout 2012.

Roger Oakland


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