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Ministry Update 8/5/10

Bryce Homes Program- Mission Myanmar

On August 5,2010, it will be nine years since our son Bryce suddenly passed from this world to his eternal home in heaven. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of him and long for his presence.  He was twenty-seven when he left us. If he were alive today, he would have turned 36 on June 23rd

Several years ago, on my first trip to the country of Myanmar, I sensed the Lord speaking to my heart. Phillip and Mang had shared with me the tremendous need of looking after poor and orphaned children in the country of Myanmar (Burma) that was hopelessly impoverished. When I saw these children face to face and the great need there was to establish Christian homes for their care and education, a thought came to my mind. Would it be possible for Understand The Times to financially assist Christian leaders in Myanmar to establish a place for a few children to be rescued from the clutches of Buddhism and abstract poverty?

Then another thought dropped into my head: Why not initiate a program for children in memory of Bryce! He loved little children. This would be a great project that we could endorse and promote in his memory!

February, 2010, will be the 4th anniversary of the Bryce Homes program that was launched in 2006. There are now five Bryce Homes that have been established in Myanmar housing over 80 children.  These children have been sponsored by various individuals from all over the world. It has truly been a blessing to see them growing up in a home where they are being provided food, education, clothing, shelter with Christian leaders who have dedicated themselves to their care and Christian upbringing.


Bryce Home 1 Bryce Home 2
Bryce Home 3 Bryce Home 4

(No group photo has been taken for Bryce Home Five)

Myrna and I thank God for what He has done and what He is doing in the memory of Bryce. We pray that this ministry will continue and that Jesus Christ would receive all the glory for what He has done!

As most of you will know, I spent the last year on the sidelines from ministry because of an accident and breakdown of my health. For months, I did not think that I would ever return to a state where I could be used by the Lord again. Meanwhile, through this difficult time, God’s people continued to support the ministry of Understand The Times and provide support for our Myanmar commitments. Myrna and I are so grateful for this.

One day, just a little over a month ago when I was attempting to force myself to relearn some of the basics on my notebook computer, I came across a video clip of a song sung by Bryce Home Two children that I had recorded on my last trip to Myanmar. The words of the song I will follow touched my heart: If only I could have the same enthusiasm as these children and continue to “follow” the Lord and do His will,  I thought. When you listen to the song I know you will understand how the Lord spoke to me through these children.

The clip is available on our UTT web page at:


I want to thank everyone who has contributed through prayer and finances to Understand The Times during my absence from active ministry. Please continue to pray for Myrna and me, Understand The Times, and those who have faithfully stood with us – especially Ron Pierotti, our web master, who truly is a mighty servant of God.

If you would like to assist Understand The Times to support our general expenses for the Bryce Homes Program which includes support for leaders and the yearly rental for the housing facilities you can do so online, or by sending a check to either our USA or Canadian office.

Sincerely in Christ,
Roger and Myrna Oakland


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