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Exposing The Emerging Church

The 4-DVD Emerging Church series by Roger Oakland is available.

Please click on the image to the left to read more about this series and to purchase securely online.

The entire 4 DVD collection can be purchased for $49.95 or the DVDs can be purchase separately for $15.00 each.

You may not have heard of "The Emerging Church but chances are you have been exposed to it's methods. Below are many articles and commentary about this movement.

Commentary by Roger Oakland exposing the Emerging Church:

The Inclusive Gospel
New Spiritual Disciplines From Ancient Roman Catholic Sources
Are Emerging Church Critics Too Critical?
Drumming Up "Jesus"
Home To Rome
The Emergence Of The Eucharist In The Emerging Church
What Ever Happened to The Bible?

How to Know When the Emerging Church Shows Signs of Emerging in Your Church
The Emerging Church And Bible Prophecy
Reemerging Of The Emerging Church
The Emerging Church: Another Road To Rome
The Emerging Church: Revival and a Return To Darkness

Other articles exposing the Emerging Church:

Rob Bell Calls Evangelical Church Culture 'Freak Show,' Says Electing Trump Exposed Their Real Values 6/15/16
Why Jesus Is No Longer the Only Way for Many American Christians 5/19/18
6 False Teachings Bringing Deceptive Darkness Into the Church 2/6/17
Texas Megachurch Turns Christmas Production Into Circus—Literally -  12/21/16
Saddleback Church's Pastor Rick Warren Baptizes 45,000th Person in 36 Years  - 10/19/16
Rick Warren: If You Want God to Use You, Get in Shape - 9/21/16
Church Growth Research Reveals Megachurches Continue to Grow - 9/8/16
News Alert -
 Video expose -  Rick Warren -  7/31/16
Rob Bell: 'I Don't Use the Word Christian, Jesus Would Be Mortified Religion Started in His Name' -  5/20/16
Rick Warren says Christians obey God and do good deeds out of love, not fear  -  5/29/16
Brian McLaren: It’s time to re-write pro-war hymns  -  2/18/16
There's A Revolution Going On In Religion. Faith Groups Better Listen Up.  -  10/1/15
Pews Give Way to the Saddle  -  4/10/15
Whatever Happened to Rob Bell? Ask Oprah - 12/3/14
The Not So Irresistible Revolution - 11/24/14
Club for Jesus, a Gospel-Filled Nightclub, Aims to Share Christ's Message With Seekers and Sinners Alike - 1/11/14
Rob Bell's 'Love Wins' Nudged 1,000 People to Leave Mars Hill Bible Church, Says Michigan Megachurch Successor - 11/19/13
To Stave Off Decline, Churches Attract New Members With Beer' - 11/3/13
Rob Bell Speaks With Oprah Winfrey on 'Super Soul Sunday' - 9/25/13
Drinking to the Gospel: Presbyterian Church in New Zealand Embraces Alcohol to Evangelize, Attract Members, Make Money - 9/11/13
Church Remixed: DJs Added to Sunday Worship to Draw Youth to Services  - 8/14/13
Author Phyllis Tickle brings emergent church discussion to Menucha lectures - 7/2/13
Former UMC Pastor to Open Florida Church at Beach Bar  - 5/7/13
Rob Bell Discusses Life's Depth, God's Divine Pull at Book Event   - 3/13/13
Rob Bell Tells How 'Love Wins' Led to Mars Hill Departure - 12/3/12
Brian McLaren tour focuses on inter-faith relations - 10/24/12
Fla. Methodist Church Holds Worship Service in Bar = 8/20/12
Labyrinths designed to encourage reflection - 2/21/12
Churches go less formal to make people comfortable - 2/8/12
Can Being a Good Neighbor Trump Worship Services at Church? - 12/7/11
What is a 'missional' church? - 9/17/11
Organic churches offer alternative to traditional service - 9/8/11
Saddleback Church Hosts First 'Radicalis' 3-day Outdoor Festival - 8/14/11
A broader church - 6/30/11
Some churches employ new methods for vacation Bible school - 6/22/11
Seek God's vision of people, pastors urged - 6/14/11
'Biggest Loser' Contestant, Calif. Church Celebrate 200,000 Pound Weight Loss' - 6/9/11
'Cry mightily unto God' - as churches scramble for 'lost souls' - 6/6/11
Churches More Like Fast Food Restaurants? One Pastor Thinks So - 6/1/11
Rick Warren Addresses Critics on Doctrine, Purpose Driven Life - 5/27/11
Former Bobby new Port priest - 5/4/11
Church in Your Pocket? Facebook Multimedia Church to Launch - 4/30/11
Evangelicals are making liturgical traditions their own - 4/22/11
Rob Bell Calls for Civil Discourse, Has No Regrets - 4/19/11
Right Wing Politics Drive Believers to Emerging Church Movement - 4/15/11
'Mysticism' infecting Nazarene beliefs - 4/13/11
Brian McLaren Defends Rob Bell against Mohler's Critique - 3/22/11
Young Evangelicals Find Faith in Emerging Church Movement- 3/21/11
Piper, McLaren Ponder God's Hand in Japan Quake - 3/24/11
Commentary: Emergence movement finds home in Memphis - 3/19/11
Evangelicals take to Twitter to debate the doctrine of hell - 3/1/11
Saddleback's "Daniel Plan" Doctor Will Lead Mass Hypnosis - 2/4/11
Brian McLaren: Christians in Denial Over Evolution of Faith - 1/27/11
Rick Warren Teams up with Swedenborg Cult Follower Dr. Oz - 1/13/11
Sing of salvation...sip some suds - 1/7/11
News Alert -
Called to be Christ-like - 12/29/10
Rick Warren Goes Green - 12/26/10
Beck column: The purpose of Christmas - 12/25/10
Texas Megachurch Offers Christmas Services in 3-D - 12/19/10
Six Megathemes Emerge from Barna Group Research in 2010 - 12/13/10
Conference on Emerging Christianity held at Texas Christian University - 12/10/10
Beware the Bridgers Part 1: Orthodoxy is More Than a Doctrinal Statement - 11/16/10
Great Emergence' changing Christianity - 11/13/10
Hipster Faith - 9/3/10
The Perils of 'Wannabe Cool' Christianity - 8/13/10
The Happy Priest: Cultivating the Gift of Contemplative Prayer - 7/26/10
Venice labyrinth has some churchgoers balking at circles - 5/4/10
Bending yoga to fit their worship needs - 4/510
Brian McLaren Proposes a 'New Kind of Christianity' - 3/810
Hologram Preachers Slated to Appear in Churches - 3/5/10
Brian McLaren: The Kingdom of God Is Not about 'Me' - 2/27/10
The Anti-Israel Revelation - 1/27/10
Survey: Sermons Fail to Inspire Change in Believers - 1/22/10
Christians Rediscover Liturgies for Evangelism - 11/10/09
Gone to the dogs: LA church starts pet service - 10/4/09
Internet Believers: Pastors Open Online Churches - 10/1/09
35 and out of the church 9/29/09
The state of faith - 10/1/09
Pastor Offers a Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional - 9/15/09
Saddleback Church to Host Civil Forum on Reconciliation - 9/25/09
Muslims find new Ramadan fast partners: Christians - 9/18/09
Organic Network Emerges among Passionate, Innovative Pastors - 8/31/09
'Evangelical Christians' now thanking Allah - 8/24/09
Rick Warren Embarks on Follow-Up to 'Purpose Driven Life' - 7/23/09
Rick Warren calls for Christian-Muslim partnership - 7/6/09
Rick Warren to Speak at Muslim Convention in D.C. - 7/2/09
Improving the Storytelling of the Gospel - 6/26/09
Church blesses fathers with beer - 6/20/09
Americans Tired of Typical Church, Report Shows  - 6/8/09
Catholics Join Emerging Church Conversation - 3/13/09
Missional Church Movement - The Next Big Thing? - 3/13/09
Most Americans Pick and Choose Religious Beliefs  - 1/12/09
Emergent's Divergence - Leaders hope decentralizing power will revitalize the movement - 12/18/08
Schullers' rift centers on 'Hour of Power' - 10/27/08
Beatles songs as likely to explain Christianity as the Bible, says bishop - 10/19/08
A Monastic Kind of LifeHow Catholic religious communities are trying to attract young people again - 10/14/08
Emerging Leader Urges Christians to Shape Culture from Within  - 10/12/08
'Emerging church' seeks the justice Jesus sought - 6/5/08
Interview: Brian McLaren on Change and the Emerging Church - 5/15/08
Church Basement Roadshow Press Release - 5/15/08
Global Summit comes to Orange County - 5/13/08
Richard Foster's Life with God - 5/6/08
Becoming a Purpose-Filled Woman - 5/4/08
Christianity without Christ - 5/3/08
Warren will lead 40 Days of Purpose in New York City - 5/1/08
The next peace - 4/26/08
Lessen focus on eternity, McLaren says at Willow Creek student ministries conference - 4/18/08
Spiritual path can take unexpected turns - 3/28/08
Reworked Bible stories feature Goliath as a drunk and Eve as sex mad - 3/26/08
Taking Christ out of Christianity - 3/22/08
Children of a modern God - 3/16/08
Feeling Renewed By Ancient Traditions - 3/8/08
Gregorian chant leads revival of church's music - 3/8/08
'Conspirators' Bring Together New Styles of Christianity - 3/7/08
No Future for Methodists Unless Change Occurs, Say Leaders - 3/3/08
'Conspirators' Plot New Ways to Be Christian - 2/28/08
Mars Hill Pastor Ditches 'Emerging' Label for Jesus - 2/27/08
Monk leads young people in meditation - 2/22/08
Brian McLaren: Postmodern Christianity Understood as Story - 2/18/08
Portrait of Christianity in the Next 1,000 Years - 2/9/08
Ancient-Future People - 2/8/08
Pastor Argues Faith is Missing Link - 2/5/08
Leader urges evangelicals to heal the world - 2/1/08
Amid growth, church congregations sprout - 1/20/08
Author's Brand Of Christianity Strikes a Chord With Young Adults - 1/19/08
Cultural Architect: Why Churches are Declining in America - 1/15/08
More Americans' spiritual growth nurtured within - 1/14/08
To believe, or not to believe: Author examines what moves people toward or away from God, church - 1/12/08
Study: What brought people to church may not keep them there - 1/11/08
In Search of a Label? (by Brian Mclaren) - 1/3/08
News Alert -
The Collapse Of The Emerging Church And The Kingdom Of God - 1/4/08
Filling spiritual voids, not just pews - 12/31/07
Reform find inspiration in mega-church techniques - 12/31/07
Rob Bell: Christians shouldn't fear controversy over doctrine - 12/21/07
Emerging Pastor to Young Believers: Ask Anything - 12/17/07
Keating moved the movement - 12/14/07
Sitting in silence - 12/14/07
Praying with a mantra - 12/14/07
Trends Analysis: Americans Reformulating Christianity - 12/4/07
What Leaders Can Learn from Rob Bell - 11/26/07
Christian meditation finds a sanctuary at Georgetown University - 11/14/07
Let the labyrinth take the lead - 11/11/07
Kid contemplatives: UW neuroscientist's project aims to give middle-schoolers tools of 'mindfulness' and meditation - 11/8/07
A Dominican Ashram: Friends of God - 11/7/07
Mission Meets Innovation at Largest Outreach Convention - 11/7/07
Church Losing the Institution, Following Jesus - 11/2/07
Got sin? YouTube, shredders your modern confessional - New ways to confess your sins point to a revival of the ancient religious rite - 10/30/07
What is Robert Schuller 'rethinking'? - 10/30/07
Holy Spirits! Aussies turn pub into church - 10/29/07
Spiritual Wellness Week to help de-stress students - 10/29/07
Mass appeal to Latin tradition - 10/28/07
Couple brings Zen enlightenment to Toledo - 10/27/07
Campolo: 'Time to Start Taking Jesus Seriously' - 10/18/07
Catalyst Powers Up Next Generation Leaders for Christ - 10/5/07
'Evangelical Prophet' to Speak on Campus - 10/5/07
Novelist tackles pastor's faith journey through St. Francis of Assisi - 10/5/07
Woman looks to various denominations for mystical guidance - 9/28/07
Prof sees a role for ancient spiritual practices - 9/28/07
Anglicans look to 'emerging church' to heal wounds - 9/27/07
Zondervan / National Pastor's Convention & Events - 9/27/07
High-Tech Churches Worry Traditional Worshippers - 9/26/07
How to Harness Millennials for Christ - 9/25/07
U2charists combine U2 music and worship in Wellington church - 9/9/07
Contemplative prayer branches out from Catholicism to all Christianity - 4/18/07
Thousands Pray to 3 Miracle Icons - 4/12/07
U2charist Comes to Trinity Church - 1/20/07
Will the 21st Be the Orthodox Century? - 1/4/07

From the margins, a new center is emerging - 11/25/06
Evangelical Author Puts Progressive Spin On Traditional Faith - 9/10/06
New Faithful Practice Away From Churches - 7/10/06
Contemplative Prayer - Emerging Church and Roman Catholicism - 5/29/06
Reemerging Of The Emerging Church - 5/2/06
The Emerging Church And Bible Prophecy - 4/10/06
McLaren's Position on Hell and Homosexuality - 4/1/06
Emerging church' mixes constructive criticism with errors - 2/2/06

The Emergent Church Markets Catholicism
Christianity Defaced
Emerging Church Indoctrinates with Catholic Style Eastern Mysticism

News Alert

Plans Changed for Bob Coy and the Exponential Conference - 10/12/07
'Velvet Elvis' Author Encourages Exploration of Doubts - 9/18/07
Feeling the beat: The spiritual side of drum circles - 3/10/07
Evangelical Author Puts Progressive Spin On Traditional Faith - 10/25/06

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