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Caryl Matrisciana
Caryl Matrisciana Tribute

Bryce Homes Mexico
Year End Update 2016

Skype Interview of Bradley Antolovitch

Sierra Leone Video One

Sierra Leone Video Two

UTT vision in Sierra Leone

Bryce Homes South Africa
December 2016 Year End Update

Bryce Homes Myanmar
November 2016 Update

News Alert
 The Calvary Chapel Association Announces Complete Separation from Brian and Cheryl Brodersen, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and the Calvary Chapel Global Network


God's Word For Today
1 John 2:15-17

Internet Church
December 11, 2016

Bryce Homes Kenya
October 2016 Update

Calvary Chapel 2016 Northwest Pastor's Conference

Bryce Homes Kenya
Future Vision For Bryce Homes Kenya





Trevor Baker
Please Listen To These Songs

Big Dogs Rule

Still Some Left

I Don't Fit In

I Wish I Had Your Life

Go to his web site


Witness To This

By Roger Oakland

This book shows how "creation-evangelism" can be used as a method of witnessing the gospel of Jesus Christ to our generation and why the time to do so may be very short.



Search For The Truth On Origins

4 DVD set $49.00

Faith Undone

1 Copy Paper Back Book

3 Copies Paper Back Book



Steadfastly Anchored

Monthly Devotion
By Robert And Laura Nance

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above. For past devotions, please
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Trump: I can bring peace to Israel    Israel And The Last Days
Confessing your sins? There’s an app for that! Catholic Church launches ‘Sindr’    Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days
Iranian commander: Israel will be gone in 10 years    Israel And The Last Days
Bloomberg: UN To Give Approval For Man To Alter Climate Via Geoengineering    Miscellaneous
Transhuman Dreaming: DNA-Editing Breakthrough Could Delay Aging, Cure Diseases    Transhumanism
Britain Ends All Privacy By Passing The ‘Snooper Charter’    One World Government
Interfaith Leaders Pledge To Stand By American Muslims, No Matter What    Ecumenical Movement
UK Researchers: Tax Food to Reduce Climate Change    One World Government
After Krakow, Mary at heart of next World Youth Day gathering    Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days
Pope decries 'epidemic of animosity' against immigrants and other faiths    One World Religion
Terror attacks in developed world surge 650% in one year    Miscellaneous
Pope extends power to forgive abortion to all priests    Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days
Statue of Mary cries tears of BLOOD. THIS is what we think her WARNING is...    Signs And Wonders
Russia has long-term ambitions in the Middle East: Israeli official    Israel And The Last Days
News Alert - The Calvary Chapel Association Announces Complete Separation from Brian and Cheryl Brodersen, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and the Calvary Chapel Global Network    Miscellaneous
Pope Francis: the Church's mercy is for everyone    One World Religion
Pope Calls for Action on Climate Change, Free From Political and Economic Pressures    Social Gospel
Snowden Vindicated: Three New Scandals Show Pervasive Mass Surveillance    One World Government
CRISPR-Edited Gene Injected Into Human For First Time    Cloning And Genetic Engineering
Vatican bishop lays out 'roadmap' for dialogue with Islam    Ecumenical Movement
Trump sets sights on ‘ultimate deal’ between Israel, Palestinians    Israel And The Last Days
Haiti faces a 'major food crisis', its interim president says    Signs Of The Last Times
As Year of Mercy ends, Holy Doors close around the world    Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days
Pope Francis urges UN conference to ‘act without delay’ on climate change    One World Government
Netanyahu hails Donald Trump as a ‘true friend’ of Israel    Israel And The Last Days
Rick Warren Outdoes King Narcigete Steven Furtick?    Unbiblical Christianity
Northwestern Univ. Historian Claims Christian Fundamentalism 'Greater Threat' Than Islamic Jihadists     Miscellaneous
Have souls in Purgatory visited people on earth?    Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days
Astrophysicist: Little Ice Age Has Begun, Will Bring ‘Deep Cooling’    Miscellaneous
Cardinal Koch explains ‘Eucharistic hospitality’ in Catholic-Lutheran marriages    Bridges To Rome
News Alert - Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Splits From Association, Citing Old Testament Prophet    Miscellaneous
In joint declaration, Catholics and Lutherans emphasize unity    Bridges To Rome
The saints stand out – because they're happy, Pope Francis says    Ecumenical Movement
Facebook claims it can collect user biometric data without consent    One World Government
Six new Beatitudes proposed by Pope Francis    Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days
Millennials Agree With Marx More Than the Bible, Study Finds    Miscellaneous
Catholic-Lutheran hurdles still exist, but surprising progress has been made    Bridges To Rome

Understand The Times, International 5 Minute Radio Program - Roger Oakland

Archive of Past Radio Programs

The Great Creation Cover Up Audio Transcript
Humans Pretending To Be God Audio Transcript
The Bible And Current Events Audio Transcript
What Is The Purpose Of Purpose Driven? Audio Transcript
Certain Men Crept In Audio Transcript
From Hell To Heaven Audio Transcript
Discernment Or Criticism Audio Transcript
A Faith or The Faith Audio Transcript
What's Next For Calvary Chapel? Audio Transcript
New Age Christianity Audio Transcript
Shepherds Or Wolves Audio Transcript
Grass Market Evangelism Audio Transcript
Awake Sleeper




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26 Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken..
27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.
28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Luke 21:26 - 28 KJV 

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