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In The News



Biblical Archaeology
The Bible is an accurate historical account of real people who lived in real places. This biblical account has been verified over and over again by archaeologists who find physical evidence to support biblical accounts.

Bridges To Rome
If we are living in the last days, and the Roman Catholic Church has an agenda to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth by seducing the "separated brethren" back to the "mother of all churches" for the purpose of forming a final one world ecumenical church with headquarters in Rome, a number of bridges should be apparent and underway.

Examining the facts from astronomy, biology, geology and archaeology will reveal that the origin and history of life according to the Genesis record can be substantiated by the evidence. Creation is foundational to the Christian faith. While evolution is promoted in the name of “science” it would be better described as “science falsely so-called.”  

Cloning and Genetic Engineering 
The Bible states that God created life with the ability to reproduce after its kind. Through the unnatural process of genetic engineering and cloning scientists are now able tinker with life and go beyond the boundaries created by God. Another sign we are living in perilous times.


We are living at a period of time when a vast number of people are being led astray by leaders, claiming to have the truth but deceiving people into believing a lie.
Emerging Church
A current church growth movement called the "Emergent Church" is sweeping the world. This movement which is supposed to be "reinventing Christianity" is built upon an experiential form of Christianity that stimulates the senses. Icons, candles, incense, liturgy and the sacraments provide an atmosphere for the postmodern generation that allows them to touch, feel, smell and see God. It is our position that the Emerging Church is another road to Roman Catholicism.

Ecumenical Movement

The Bible foretells an End Times counterfeit bride (church) that appears in the name of Christ, for the cause of peace. This global religion will be called Christian but it will be antichrist. In order for this to happen, "Christianity" must unify and then partner with other religions. The Roman Catholic Church appears to take the leadership role in facilitating this process.

Experience-based Christianity
The Bible predicts an end times spiritual delusion that will set up a counterfeit bride for a counterfeit Christ. This will be brought about by many false appearances of personages claiming to be “Jesus” and associated with lying signs and wonders that takes place during a time of “strong delusion.”

Good News
The gospel is the good news. While the bad news is that the wages of sin is death the good news is that we can live forever. There are actually some items in the news that reveal the good news as from time to time we see the evidence of God's mighty hand. 

Israel and the Last Days
The Bible foretells the re-establishment of the nation of Israel, the fact that Jerusalem will be the epicenter of global attention and the catalyst for a final great battle that involves the nations of the world.  

Masons and Freemasonry
The Bible foretells of a global political governing system that will one day rule the world. This system will initially embrace a one world religion that will be built upon a revival of pagan religious beliefs that are Babylonian in origin. One day a man will emerge who claims to be King of the world. This man will be the head of the governing system. He will also claim to be God. Freemasonry (those who are initiated into higher levels of the craft), play a significant role in bringing this about. The influence of these craftsmen and their esoteric knowledge can be seen in the architectural designs of government buildings and government sites around the world. In the future, the plan to unite the world together politically, economically and religiously will become clear in light of scripture.

This category is for all articles of interest but do not fall into one of our other topics.

New Age
A revival of Babylonian pagan religious practices and Eastern religious techniques that propagate the idea that everything is God and that man can attain godhood through the attainment of a higher dimension of consciousness.

One World Government
The world is headed towards a global governing body that will eventually monitor and control nations and individuals. The technology of our day is moving towards a cashless society that will require humans to use a personal identification mark in order to be able to buy or sell.  

One World Religion
Current trends reveal we are seeing a move towards a one world religion in the name of Christ that embraces pagan religions for the cause of peace. The fate of this revival of ancient Babylonian religion is predicted in Scripture.

Perilous Times
Current trends reveal that we are living in the perilous times predicted by scripture. Many patterns of human behavior indicate we are living in the very days that Jesus said would characterize this time.

Rising Interest in the Supernatural
Current trends reveal comics, cartoons, children’s books, science fiction, science fiction movies and even science are preparing our generation to accept supernatural beings with supernatural powers from an extraterrestrial source. The Bible describes this dimension as an abomination to God.

Roman Catholic Church and Last Days
While the Roman Catholic Church claims to be Christian, many of the foundational pillars of the faith are built upon tradition, experience and extrabiblical revelation that are pagan and Babylonian in origin.

Social Gospel
The Bible states it is possible for a believer to stray away from the "simple gospel" for "another gospel" and to even embrace "another spirit" and "another Christ" without even being aware it has happened (1 Corinthians 11:3-4). With this in mind, there is a present trend underway in the name of Christ that has the potential of drawing people away from the simple message of the finished work of the cross (the gospel of Jesus Christ) towards a "social gospel" that provides a bridge for an "ecumenical gospel" with the goal of establishing "the kingdom of God" here on earth by human effort. This "social-ecumenical-kingdom-gospel" is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is an end times counterfeit gospel embraced by a counterfeit bride for a counterfeit christ..

Signs and Wonders
Jesus and Paul foretold that the last days would be characterized by "lying signs and wonders." These supernatural claims and experiences would be part of the "strong delusion" that would prepare the way for the antichrist.  

Signs of the Last Times
Weather patterns, outbreaks of disease, pestilence, solar activity, earthquakes and other current events confirm that birth pangs are intensifying as predicted by Jesus and His return is very soon.

Technology For Global Monetary System
The Bible indicates there is a time coming when "buying and selling" will be under the control of a global leader who is capable of monitoring and controlling all financial transactions. The technology for such a system is being implemented at the present time.

Transhumanism is a term that can be understood by merging two words  - "trans" and "humanism."  This means that human beings are attempting to fulfill one of the goals of the humanist manifesto by accelerating  the evolutionary process in order to advance mankind to a higher level of intelligence through the use of technology. Further, the goal is to advance to defy death with the claim that man can live for ever. It is interesting this is exactly what the serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Unbiblical Christianity
According to the Bible, the last days would be characterized by a time where deception in the name of Christ would be rampant. Jesus stated it clearly - many would be deceived by many in His name (Matthew 24). Therefore, we can expect that at this time there would be many teachers, pastors and authors teaching a form of Christianity that is not biblically based. "Christian" leaders would be deceiving others in the name of Christianity. As discernment comes from knowing the Word of God, we would expect that God's Word would be replaced by man's word.

Wars and Rumors of Wars
Jesus foretold that the days preceding His return would be characterized by "wars and rumors of wars." Further the scriptures reveal that Jerusalem (Israel) would be an epicenter of unrest that would lead to a major war that will involve the nations of the earth.


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