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Ministry Update

Bryce Homes International Year End 2017
Update From Roger Oakland

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Each year, I like to send out a year-end report to let our readers know about the progress we have witnessed through the Understand The Times Bryce Homes Program around the world. When the program was initiated eleven years ago, we never anticipated the wonderful experience of seeing how God would bless this program as a means of reaching out to poor families and orphaned children throughout the world with the love of Christ.

At last count, there are over 90 individual homes in eight countries caring for over 250 children and leaders. Each home is overseen by a pastor or Christian leader that is responsible and accountable for administering the support sent by UTT on a monthly basis. The majority of our Bryce Homes provide for widows or single grandparents who are found in very difficult situations with children to care for but have no temporal resources.

As well as supporting these individual homes we also support feeding programs for children in Haiti, the Philippines and Mexico. These feeding programs provide a channel for reaching out with the gospel to the surrounding communities and as a result several churches have been established.

As a non-profit organization, Understand The Times provides a channel in both the United States and Canada for Godís people to meet many needs in the name of Jesus Christ. We have also discovered that people from other countries around the world have supported the program generously through the use of PayPal.

While food is our primary provision for those in need, we also provide for other important items such as clothes, shelter, medication, clean water and education. Our goal is to support the needy in their time of hopelessness and then once they are on their feet to encourage them to strive for self-sufficiency so they can be a blessing to others.

Another unique aspect of this program is the fact that we have a goal to provide a spiritual emphasis based on the Bible while encouraging Christian evangelism. People in hopeless situations are given the hope of the gospel so they can share this hope in Jesus Christ with others in very dark countries that are heavily influenced by pagan beliefs.

What started out as an idea or inspiration to assist poor and neglected children in the memory of our son Bryce, has expanded to the numbers of children and the countries where Bryce Homes are located around the world every year since 2006. The countries where there are Bryce Homes now include Myanmar, Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Mexico, Haiti, India and U.S.A.

This past year, nine Bryce Homes in India were added to our Bryce Homes family. In one area of India children have been rescued off the streets. Their mothers were prostitutes who abandoned them. We support five families which God has raised up who have taken these children into their homes providing food, clothing, education and Christian love.

As the year 2017 draws to a close, I have asked the leaders representing each Bryce Home country to send us their own personal report so that we can post them at You can read these reports by going to our web site and clicking on the globe at the top of the page.

Each country is unique in terms of what God is doing. While I could provide the details, it would be better for you to check out the reports for yourself. As God provides financial support through those who have a heart for this ministry, we at UTT are able to pass the support we receive to the leaders in each of the countries. Check out the fruit for yourself.

If there is a surplus in the finances we receive at the end of the year, the program will expand next year. If there is a deficit, programs must be adjusted the accordingly. Unfortunately, this year, at least at this point, several countries are experiencing a deficit.

While tax receipts for 2017 will be issued by February 2018, let me take this opportunity to thank those who have given this past year now. Please know that your investment is greatly appreciated by all those who have been impacted and it will count for eternity. We pray that God will reward you for your generosity.

If you know of a person, a church or an organization that is searching for a worthy program that supports needy children such as Bryce Homes, please pass this on to them. Know also that 100% of the funds designated to missions goes directly to the mission field. Together we can make a difference for the gospel in the name of Jesus.


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