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Prayer Update 7/30/10

Now that I am well enough to write and communicate properly I wanted to write a short update to our faithful supporters who have been concerned about me. As many will know, I was sidelined from ministry for the past year because of my health. I am getting stronger day by day and the Lord has given me the desire to ease back into ministry, as He leads the way.

I won't go into detail, but I have been quite sick for several years. Not wanting to slow the pace and caught in the trap that success in ministry was related to how busy I was, I kept going. The best way to describe the consequence is that my body wore out. The medication I was taking for my auto-immune disease made things worse as I was not sleeping properly for months. The final straw was a fall and a serious bleed in my brain with symptoms much like a stroke. As my wife Myrna said, "Because you refused to slow down, the Lord forced you to take a year sabbatical."

It fact it was almost one year to the date of my accident, when I was finally willing to recognize God had not finished with me. For six months I was physically not capable of doing anything, then for the next six months, as my body was healing, my mind and my will still said "No." I withdrew from almost everyone except my family, who patiently loved and cared for me all the while. I find it a miracle to be writing this sharing that I now have a strong desire to continue in ministry as the Lord leads.

Many of the things that I once took for granted, I now have to relearn. But each day there is improvement. I can see now what seemed to be the end of the road may actually be a fork in the road. I believe the Lord may lead the ministry of UTT in a slightly different direction in the future. Whatever the case, I know I must "wait upon the Lord" and "follow" Him in all that I do.

Please continue to pray for the ministry of UTT and my health. While I was sick, Ron Pierotti, our web master, was also very ill with brain tumor complications. In spite of his health, he did his best to keep people informed and our web site going. Together, we believe God has raised us up from the brink of death to continue in His service.

I am grateful to you for your prayers and support during my absence.

Sincerely In Christ,
Roger Oakland

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