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Ministry Update

This update is for the many friends and supporters of Understand The Times who have prayed and expressed their concerns over the past year. It has been just a few days over a year since my health failed and I was forced to take time on the sidelines for rest and healing. Myrna and I are grateful for the support and encouragement we have received from all over the world. Thank you for your prayers and concern.

I want to thank my board who has stood by me, Ron Pierotti, our web master, and Sheila, our book keeper who have held the ministry together during my absence. As most of you will know, Ron has also had a very difficult year being critically ill in the hospital for several months. Ron has sent out a recent report regarding his health so most of you will have already heard from him. It is so encouraging to know that Ron is doing much better. He is a vital pillar of this ministry.

While I don't have immediate plans to jump back into a public speaking ministry, I do want to continue the ministry of Understand The Times as the Lord enables. Working together with Ron and several other friends, our first goal is to update our missionary outreaches in Myanmar and the Philippines. Sponsors of children and Bible School students have been faithful to continue even though we have not kept up with proper communication. Some sponsors have had to drop because of the economic situation but we have still been able to send quarterly support to all Bryce Lodges (about 80 children in five homes), and to Yangon Grace Bible School with about 50 students and instructors.

My friend and board member Tom Worthington has done a great job in overseeing Mission Myanmar for the past year. Our goal is to improve communication with our present sponsors and find sponsors for children and students who need to be sponsored. We will also be letting people know about the financial needs we have to cover rent for the Bryce Lodge homes and Yangon Grace Bible School housing. Larry Demeyo and his wife Debbie, who traveled to Myanmar with the last time I went, will be helping to keep our sponsors informed.

Pastor Drew Macintyre, one of our board members will be traveling to Myanmar in August to teach at the school and also visit the four Bryce Lodges that are in Yangon. He will be reporting on that trip when he returns and we will keep you informed.

I feel bad that I was unable to properly communicate during my illness over the past year to the many that were concerned and asking. Please forgive me for that. Also, please know that the spam you may have received from AOL through my e-mail address (on several occasions) was not intended.

Please continue to pray that we will be able to follow the Lord's direction and listen carefully to His directions as we seek His will for the future.

Sincerely In Christ,
Roger Oakland

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