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Making Disciples Ministry School

The Goals and Objectives of Making Disciples Ministry School

Ongoing Reports About Making Disciples Ministry School

Prayer Updates

All The Students and Teacher have been sponsored for 2013

The total current cost for the ministry is $500.00 per month. We have broken this amount down so the monthly donations, for each sponsor, will be $50.00 or a one time gift of $600.00  annually.

The ministry coordinators, Habakkuk and Elisha will be $100.00 monthly of $1200.00, with a one time gift annually. For Yearly sponsors, at the end of the year, each sponsor will be given the first opportunity to continue with the sponsorship before we look for new sponsors. They can continue with a new yearly sponsorship or change to monthly.


The Goals and Objectives of Making Disciples Ministry School

1. To be ready to give biblical answer to life’s most important questions: Who am I? Who made me? Why was I made? What is my duty?

2. To develop a servant’s spirit.

3. To have a burning zeal for sharing and defending the Gospel of Christ.

4. To evangelize the whole Myanmar from the beginning of Yangon which is our Jerusalem where we should begin preaching and teaching?

5. To demonstrate an awareness of spiritual needs and ministry opportunities at home and other fields.

6. To plant New Testament Churches.

7. To have a desire to glorify God in every area of life and ministry.

8. To spread out that creation is the foundation of the Gospel of Christ in a Buddhist country of Myanmar.

Making Disciples teachers
1. Thar New is a teacher who has been sharply prepared by our Lord to be responsible at the school.

2. Khuasik is a teacher at the same time a missionary at Yu Yu Lay village 30 minutes by Bus from Making Disciples ministry school.

3. Sumpi is a teacher at the same time a missionary at Tanhlin located at the east of Yangon, 2:00hr journey by bus from the ministry school.

4. Habakkuk is a coordinator at the same time a director of Bryce Lodge 5

5. Elisha is a coordinator at the same time a director of Bryce Lodge 3

6. Daniel is a part time teacher

Elisha and Habakkuk have a calling to the "Making Disciples Ministry" in Myanmar to prepare Pastors and Missionaries to do the work of the Great Commission in the very dark land of Myanmar. The focus of the training is very practical and hands on, with much ministry focusing on learning by doing so that they will be prepared to go out and make more disciples on their own. As part of their studies, students in this program are going out into Yangon and other parts of Myanmar, a strongly Buddhist country, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a regular basis; they also spend time in class studies in Bible, Theology, Sermon Preparation, Evangelism and Biblical Guidance.

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Ongoing Reports About Making Disciples Ministry School

January 1, 2014

Dear Roger,
Great is the privileges of sharing the Gospel of Christ to the lost in Yangon and village to village, house to house, government schools, street preaching, and personal evangelism, distributing tracts, praising songs and prayer for the families in December 2013. In the 1st and 2nd week of December 2013, we have ministry activities in Yangon. In the third week, we have mission trip to Delta area. In December 25, we have combine service at Nawaday Centre nearby Bryce Home 3 and the Last week was especially spent for children ministry. The last night in waiting New Year, we spent time in singing, Skit, Bible games and preaching short sermon by three people. We give this update with thanks giving for the leading hand of God which we have experienced throughout the year and bringing us into this Happy New Year.
We acknowledge that all these things has happened because God has a great plan to fulfill in the lives of the people through us and He cause you and us to get involved in this ministry in the way we can. I Cor. 3:8-“Now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor.”

In Christ,

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October 10, 2013

Dear Roger,

On the first week of October, we began class with spiritual conference. We have 5 committed students at present.  They all are under 20 years old. Pastor Ringa who supposed to come there to be a pastor could not yet received his calling later. So, he is a voluntary warden at present and Donga is a student leader. Monday to Friday, we have regular classes. Wednesday night and on Saturday we have Ministry activities all together with the teachers. And  Friday night is fixed for fasting and prayer. Sunday, we have Sunday school for children at morning and noon time we have church service at Shwelinpan afternoon youth fellowship and learning songs and Sunday evening at Neighborhood school.

Not to be famous but to be great in His sight.
Not just to be used by God but to be men of God.
Not just success men but to be men of value.
Not to be success in ministry but to be success in life.
Not to be serve but to serve. Mark.10:45

In Christ,

August 3, 2013

Dear Brothers,

Hope and pray that this letter finds you in good health. I personally praise the Lord that I have the privilege of giving my time, my lives to the things of eternity especially by teaching and leading dedicated students who are investing their lives in eternal matters. It is my desire that each student be equipped with a solid Biblical foundation for the ministry. This ministry strongly and deeply committed to the training of the national Christians who have dedicated their lives for the cause of evangelism, and for the cause of contending earnestly delivered to the saints (Jude 3).

The Ministry is committed to the Biblical understanding of the past, present and the future. It stands to defend the historic Christian faith and opposed this worldliness, so call fundamental and so call evangelical, charismatic, ecumenical and all shades of liberalism. The ministry holds that all scripture must be grammatically, contextually, historically, chronologically, and Biblically interpreted. Theologically, we are conservative evangelical. According to me, in this way we can serve best our generation because both preaching and defending the Gospel of Christ is essential in the last day deception. It is well known to all that we are living in a day of confusion in which people who are not deeply rooted in the word of God are being taken away and misled by the wrong doctrines

What we want is to see our students develop a heart for God by keeping Christ central in their lives and have a burning zeal for the lost souls. We also want our students to know that the call of God on their lives is a call to follow Christ and understand that the Christian life is a holy life and that the Word of God teaches that we should be separated unto the Lord and separated from the world. Our students must understand that it is the responsibility of every Christian to be actively involved in obeying the Great Commission by winning souls to Christ and establishing local New Testament churches to be directed by the Holy Spirit and through the Word of God and godly counsel to make Christ-honoring decisions because no two Christians have the same ability or the same opportunity, but that every Christian must meet Christ at the Judgment Seat with what he has done with his ability and opportunity. We want our students to be ready any moment for our Lord’s return.

We feel we have serious responsibility. Accountability must be our means for growing and improving. We do not forget the task that lies ahead of us. Making Disciples Ministry will move on until the Lord comes. We have the answer of life in Jesus Christ and it is our goal to communicate that answer and to prepare Christian to go out and share Christ with others. If we, as committed Christian, take a strong biblical stand, we can see the world turned around for Christ and see Revival in our lifetime.

Being a family means that we have compassion for one another. We are not a corporation; we must consider each student, teacher and situation individually; we need to lift the hands of each other. A person lacking love has no business trying to touch lives. May we always communicate genuine compassion

It is God who owns this ministry. So, we give glory and honor to Him alone. MDM knows the very fact that the safest place is to be in the will of God.

Yours by His sufficiency grace and love,


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Prayer Updates

September 30, 2012

Good to see what the Lord is doing in Kenya.

Please pray with us for Making Disciples school activities.
1. Monday to Friday, we have regular class
2. Friday evening is a signed for fasting and prayer
3. Saturday is for house to house evangelism
4. Sunday morning is for Sunday Schools in 5 different places.
5. Sunday noon time is for worship service at Shwelinpan church
6. Sunday afternoon is for youth service
7. Sunday night is for home-cell groups
8. We have a plan to go Gospel trip in December to Delta area. We take Christmas season as a special privilege for reaching people with the Gospel of Christ.
9. We also plan to have summer Gospel trip to Mindat, Paletwa, and Delta area, town to town, village to village and house to house.
Our commitment is to evangelize the lost, to make good Disciples of Christ and to plant New Testament Churches. We count this is a way to serve best our people and to equip and challenge the team members to have a burning zeal for mission and evangelism. We have reached 3 different township villages in Delta area and 2 different townships in Southern Chin state.

1. Khuasik a native one is a director or a guide for Myaungmya
township. By His grace we could reach 6 Buddhist villages and 2
traditional churches.
2. Salaphan a native one is a director or a guide of Wakhemah township
villages. By His grace, we could reach 2 traditional churches and 4
Buddhist villages.
3. Nanmukhin a native one is a guide for Lapputta township villages.
By His grace, we could have house to house evangelism in 5 Buddhist
4. Please pray also for Mindat and Paletwa area missionaries, Southern
chin State.

We pray that every step we take must be according to His direction.

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Habakkuk - Ministry Coordinator

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