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Ministry Update

Upcoming December Trip to Kenya Ė December 2-10

On December 2, 2012, I will be leaving for the long trip to visit Rongo, Kenya. The purpose is to visit our Bryce Homes Program there. Pastor Achilla will meet me at the airport in Nairobi. We will overnight in Nairobi and then the following day fly to Kisimu and then on by car to Rongo and Suna area.

The results of our Bryce Homes Program in Kenya over the past year have been very gratifying. Last November I made my first trip to Kenya which was mainly for observation purposes. We were looking at the possibility of expanding the Bryce Homes Program that had already been established in Myanmar in 2006. The needs I observed whiIe I was on this trip were overwhelming.  When we shared firsthand accounts of what we observed with our mailing list, people from all over the world responded with financial support. Along with generous support from Lighthouse Trails donors for a Christmas offering we were able to expand the number of homes from five to fifteen and provide food and other items necessary to improve the quality of life for our widows and orphans.

The program in Kenya is dependent on three individuals who oversee all the resources we send on a monthly basis.    Pastor Achilla, Pastor Nelson and Walter (administrator and accountant) are reliable brothers who we have found to be faithful servants and sound teachers of the Word of God. Funds that we send monthly are used to purchase food and clothing and other essentials. All purchases are accounted for and precise records are kept.

During this past year five new shelters with cooking stoves were provided to replace places of dwelling that were no longer suitable for living. We are in the process of building five more homes. One of the objectives of this trip will be to decide where these homes will be built.

Our goal in Kenya is to help these fatherless families we are now caring for to provide for themselves to a certain extent by growing vegetables and raising poultry. We also want to assist them with school uniforms and other items so they are able to attend school.  Pastor Achilla and Pastor Nelson are overseeing Christian education for these families. All of the families are connected with the churches in Rongo and area. The only problem is that the churches are also poor and unable to provide financial assistance. However, now that we are able to come along side with financial help, church members volunteer their time and labor to help with the program.

You can view photos of the caretakers and the children of each one of the fifteen Bryce Homes in Kenya on our web site at

While I am there I will be visiting each home and assessing the needs that still exist and how we may be utilized by the Lord to meet them. One hundred per cent of the funds that are sent to Understand The Times designated for the Bryce Homes Kenya ministry are used for that purpose.

The majority of the donations we receive for this program come to us from individuals around the world and friends and people who know me personally. Very few churches invest in missionary programs. We are very grateful to the pastors and boards of churches who have come alongside to help us.

In the book of Acts chapter six, we read that one of the main weaknesses of the early church was their lack of concern for orphans and widows:  ďAnd in those days, when the number of the disciples was multiplied, there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews, because their widows were neglected in the daily ministration (Act 6:1).

Has anything changed?  How many churches do you know who are the least bit concerned about programs that help widows and orphans around the world? Understand The Times is committed to being Godís hand extended for this purpose.

While I am in Kenya I will be sending daily reports that you will be able to read on our web site. If you have any questions this would be a good time to contact us and we will try and respond. There are many more widows and orphans who are in desperate need that we would like to help. As support comes in we will be adding more Bryce Homes to the Bryce Home Kenya Program.

Thank you for your support and your prayers.

Roger Oakland
Understand The Times


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