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Donation for Bryce Homes USA with a one time gift
or a recurring monthly gift

Donors who would like to donate by mail To Bryce Homes USA

Send a check or money order to: 

Understand The Times. International
PO Box 27239
Santa Ana, CA


Understand The Times, Canada
PO BOX 1160
Eston, Saskatchewan,
SOL 1AO    




Bryce Homes USA


Bryce Homes is expanding to the USA. We have added the first new home to the program. See the picture below.

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100% of each dollar donated goes to the Bryce Home country of your choice. Administration is paid for with other donations. We strive to keep overhead costs to a minimum.

Bryce Homes International was founded by Understand The Times as a program to assist widows and orphans around the world. The program is in memory of Bryce Oakland (1974 - 2001).

Bryce Oakland


The first Bryce Home in the USA is a Spanish speaking grandmother. She has an unwavering commitment to keep her grand kids under the influence of Godly teachers at a Christian school.

After she was divorced she was left with a house on which there were back taxes to be paid. Last week she went to court and was told they could not wait any longer.

We began praying for a job that would allow her to earn what she needs and continue caring for her grand kids. Her problem is that she is not fluent in English (she is an American citizen and has lived in the USA for over 40 years. As she is near pension age no one wants to provide an opportunity for employment.

The grand kids have been members of a church since 2009. They are excellent students in school. Well behave and liked. They excel in their bible class as well.

The provision from UTT is an answer to our prayers and a confirmation that God is our provider. God uses ordinary, caring people to provide. You have no idea what a heavy burden has been lifted off her shoulders knowing that she has the funds to continue providing for her grand kids.


You can be a part of the work that the Lord is doing with the Bryce Homes program in the USA. We are accepting donations for that work. You can give a one time gift or support Bryce Homes in the USA with a monthly gift. If the Lord calls you to help with a gift, please click on the appropriate button. above on the right.



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Understand The Times is not affiliated or dependent upon any other organization or denomination.
Understand The Times is accountable to a board of directors in the United States and Canada
and accountable, first of all, to Jesus Christ and His word.


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