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In The News


In The News

Comment from Understand the Times:
The topic of "eucharistic miracles" is in the news again. Whether or not this one is declared a miracle is still up for grabs. All it takes is for the Roman Catholic clergy to make a declaration, and it will be accepted as a miracle from God.
For the record, UTT predicts that if this so called supernatural event is not declared a miracle, another mystical appearance of a "Jesus" will be just around the corner. According to those who promote the "Second Pentecost" (as Kathryn Kuhlman did), this "day of miracles" is just ahead. Jesus is supposed to appear in what the Roman Catholic church calls the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus, and there will be a great turning to God because of signs and wonders.
It is also interesting to note that Lonnie Frisbee (the so-called father of the Jesus movement and a key person apparently responsible for many young people coming to Jesus Christ in the late 60's and early 70's), was associated with Kathryn Kuhlman and her mystical powers. Please watch the following video clip of Kathryn Kuhlman to see for yourself who she was and what she said:

July 15 - Communion wafer turns red in S. St. Paul -- is it miraculous?

Article: Signs And Wonders|

A consecrated host that fell to the floor last month at St. Augustine Catholic Church in South St. Paul should have dissolved soon afterward. Instead, it turned blood red.

Now Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis officials are investigating whether they have a possible miracle on their hands or if something like a fungus or bacteria could be causing the change in color.

During mass on June 19 at St. Augustine, a host was accidentally dropped on the floor. To show reverence to the wafer -- which Catholics believe becomes the actual body of Christ during the consecration -- it was placed in a chalice-like container with water so it would dissolve. Then it was to be poured into a special sink not connected to the sewer system. However, a week later, the host had not dissolved but had shrunk and turned a blood-red color. This week, the Rev. John Echert, pastor of the church, turned over to the archdiocese what was left of the host.

Instances of so-called Eucharistic miracles, such as "bleeding hosts" that emit blood, have been reported by Catholics for centuries. Archdiocese officials point out one of the most recent incidents occurred at a Catholic church in Texas. In that case, biologists determined the red coloration of the host was caused by a combination of a fungus and bacteria that were incubated in water in a glass stored in the open air.

The Catholic Church is very careful about documenting miracles, said Bruce Reichenbach, a philosophy professor at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, who has written about reason and religious belief. "Miracles are not incompatible with a natural explanation," he said.

Parishioner Mary Hover said she thinks it would be wonderful for St. Augustine if the host were deemed to be miraculous. Hover said she saw a bleeding host in Santarém, Portugal, when she was visiting Fatima, the site of reported apparitions by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

"Eucharistic miracles are a beautiful thing for the Catholic church," Hover said. "And I have seen one. It was a moving experience for me to just have that moment with that Eucharistic host.


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