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Letters To The Ministry

I don't know some of other voices on this recording but it seems like some are disagreeing with Brian.  Am I right? I think Brian spent too many years surfing in the sun.  What a flake.  Sorry for being blunt but I really have no time for fools like him.  It's such an insult to the example Chuck laid down.  I think the council of CC is going to have to make some difficult decisions ahead.  Maybe it's best that a movement is not centered around a man or a label.

Mr. Oakland,

Just a short note to say how much I appreciate your Biblical stand.  It has influenced me much and steered me away from the pitfalls of psychology and thinking that the Bible was deficient.  It has showed me how easy it is to leave the simple Gospel of faith in Christ for a generic "Christianese" social gospel.
  Keep up the good work!

Dear Mr. Oakland,
I have been listening to you for years and appreciate your ministry, but I have a question?  Why are you giving support for Brian Bordersen by giving links to his sermons and teachings via e-mail.  This guy is doing exactly what you and his predecessor (Chuck Smith) preach against.  He is part of the larger ecumenical movement that you have been warning against for years.  I know the difference Mr. Oakland, but some people may not.  This is not a condemnation of you but rather an exhortation to a brother in Christ.  You can find better than Brian Bordersen.  

Thank you so much Roger for your ministry and for posting the Calvary  chapel pastors conference. It was really hard to hear Brian Bordersen be so dishonoring to Chuck Smith and how he is now proposing to coerce many of the pastors to go down his apostate path. But it was also encouraging to hear the one voice still defend the whole counsel of God and to hear the applause from other Calvary pastors.

 I still have hope for a few of the faithful Calvary's as we do attend one in New Mexico, however we are always on guard and ready to hold the staff accountable. I know you have the hardest job in the world. May the Lord Jesus say to you "well done good and faithful servant".


Dear Sirs:

I saw things wrong in the Purpose Driven Life over 10 yrs. ago, and so did other Messianics.


Thank you for your faithful ministry. I have appreciated your studies, for years.

I am glad to find the 2016 EC Conference, on YouTube and, in viewing Warren Smith Day 2 Session 2, was saddened and amazed,  to hear my old pastor, Greg Laurie mixed in with Rick Warren and would not take Warren Smiths call!

Also, amazing, was the mention of Steve Burger, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Leipers Fork, TN! I want you to know, Steve was pushing the Message Bible, and preaching from it, back in early 2000's and the church bought thousands of "Purpose Driven" books for each of us, as we went through that teaching, as a congregation! I was there and have wondered, for so long, why Calvary Chapel allowed it!


Mr. Oakland, 

I listened to your current Radio News Audio Pod Cast. I have been warning family and friends about this wind of deception, taking captives of the masses and even the elect. You mentioned that those who follow the One World Religion Movement may still remain on this earth, during the 7 Tribulation. 
I have prayed fervently for family members and friends to come out from among them. My heart is grieved that they remain spell bound by these phony leaders, pastors and teachers. I know the Lord Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats.
I am so ready for our Bridegroom to call His Bride HOME.
Maranatha and Shalom



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