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In The News


In The News


God is Not Purpose Driven: Calvary Is About the True Gospel

Comment from UTT:


Seldom does an article pass over our desk that is as significant as the article we are posting today - the last day of 2010. It is titled Rick Warren’s Apologetics Weekend Should Apologize for Representing "Another Gospel"


As our readers will understand, the past few years have not been easy for UTT and our staff that is made up of dedicated volunteers and a skeleton crew of part time workers.


Taking a stand against the flow and our opposition could be compared to young David taking on the giant Goliath. This Philistine giant, who also had brothers, was also backed by an army of haters. They not only had the means to kill him, they had the power to wipe him off the face of the planet.


While we do not consider ourselves to be giant killers, we do want to be obedient and do God's will. As David was given the courage to fight the giant against all odds, he knew he could win because God gave him the faith and was with him, not the devil.


Sometimes, all that is needed is to know that we can not win on our own. We need the Lord. Sometimes it is helpful to know that a small stone that is well placed in the right spot can bring a giant and his supporters down.


Remember Goliath. It wasn't pretty, was it?


Also, remember Samson. He was with God at times and other times he was not.


David was often double-minded when he got older. He even did things that he later regretted. One can be in the flesh or one can be led by the Spirit. It is better to be led by the Spirit, isn't it?


Actually, I like the instructions Jesus left as recorded in the Bible. Truth, He said, will divide - friends, families and associates. He even said that this would be the norm for people living in the last days. Either we would be part of the apostasy or we would be against it.


So goes the battle in my own personal life. This past year has been quite an experience. Last year at this time I was not able to communicate nor could I see to communicate properly. Five months previous, I suffered a hardship that turned out to be a blessing.


I had fallen off a tractor in a shed while the tractor was running as I had fallen to sleep because I was on steroids given to me for Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria. This was a disease that I was given by United Airlines, as they willingly spray toxic poisons on international flights to kill bed bugs and other insects according to international law. These laws are enforced by the worldly elite who have a plan to thin out the world's population – i.e. The New World Order.


As a result, a series of events occurred that could be the topic for a book on how not to operate a health insurance system in Canada or the United States etc.. I am grateful to Jesus and my family for saving my life as well as to a few well meaning Dr.'s in Canada and some very wonderful Dr.'s in California.


A special thanks to Laurie Ackey who is the wife of Dr. Ken Ackey, who is, to be honest with you, more significant that any Dr. I have ever met to this day.


As you may know by now, this year and especially the past few months, has been a bit testy.. People I thought I knew and trust seemed to turn against me.


In an effort to justify that I was right and they were wrong, I reverted to my understanding of how to win a football game, when the opposition was out to kill you, especially having to play both defense and offense at the same time.


While things got a bit dirty on both sides, it is now good to be able to announce that I am taking a brief retirement to analyze the situation and give the other side some time to think while I back off for awhile.


Meanwhile, we plan to do some fishing with friends here in California, Eston, SK and around the world in various places. If we fly with United Airlines, we will have to wear an oxygen mask and a white suit that protects our skin from toxins..


It would be great if you could join us on February 25, 2011 at the Sheraton in Anaheim for a ministry banquet. My family, Terry and Nancy Clark and many from our boards in Canada and the USA will be in attendance. Information on how you can attend will be available soon. The will be approximately 12 speakers (allotted to three minutes each) and the main speaker will be Pastor Paul Smith who will tell us about his new book that is soon to come out and what this will mean to promoting the inerrancy of God’s Word.


Further, my new friend and trainer Jon will be there to demonstrate a few warm up techniques so that you will be better prepared to eat a “fowl supper”. Please bring your work out suits!


Now, please read the following article titled "Rick Warren's Apologetics Weekend Should Apologize for Representing "Another Gospel" by Lighthouse Trails. This article is very important and we have chosen it the most important article of 2010.


The article will help you to understand the times. It will help you to see why truth is worth defending. It will help you to understand why some are willing to go to the mat for Jesus.


Our prayer for you this New Year is that you would take the Word of God seriously from now on.. THE BIBLE is not just a book that can be tossed around. It is the absolute truth that has been inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Word of God is the Word of God. You should either believe in the Word or ignore the Word, right?


There is coming a watershed event within the Christianity that will be written down in history. It may be revealed as soon as tomorrow or it may take a few days. Men, who you once looked up to, will be exposed for their folly. They followed their flesh rather than the Holy Spirit.


However, God is still a God of forgiveness and He is sovereign and men and women are not. God forgives us is we say we are sorry, mean it and repent.


 Better to be forgiven than go to a lost eternity or to lose every reward and end up in the back row or the bleaches looking on during the banquet.


Jesus is coming soon! Are you ready?


God is Not Purpose Driven: Calvary Is About the True Gospel

Article: Emerging Church

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