To some extent, security integrators make their livelihood built on fear. Homeowners and business owners must have at least a smidgen of fear that their property or lives are vulnerable to bad guys. But how bad is society when a senior housing complex is compelled to install a sophisticated, expensive access control system based on a biometric facial recognition system? In the past, these types of high-level security systems were reserved for sensitive government, pharmaceutical or other commercial establishments, not a retirement home.

But thatís the solution installed at the Pasadena Interfaith Manor Apartments in Pasadena, Texas. Community manager Mike Garcia put his trust in the SafeRise biometric solution from FST21, a privately held Israeli manufacturer with offices in Burlington, Mass. The system was installed ion247 based in Birmingham, Ala.

The system, called the In Motion Identification system, employs state-of-the-art technologies that quickly identify anyone at the door and allow approved users access through a fusion of biometric recognition, face, behavioral, voice and license plate recognition. There are no keys, cards or access codes needed. SafeRise can make an informed decision whether to allow entrance, verify guests or transfer them to a monitoring station representative for assistance.