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An Update on the Titanic

Commentary by Roger Oakland

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Everyone knows the story of the fateful one-way voyage of the ship known as the Titanic. On its maiden voyage, one of the greatest ships ever made sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic. While this tragedy could have been prevented, the pride of man may well be the reason so many perished prematurely.

The lesson of the sinking of the Titanic should always be a reminder to us what can happen when we place our trust in man. The Bible warns us that trusting in man is like a bush that grows in the desert compared to trusting in God, which is like a tree whose roots are planted by a steam of flowing water (Jeremiah 17: 5-8).

Sometime ago, Understand The Times published a commentary titled “Is Your Church Sinking Like the Titanic.” The purpose of this commentary was to get churchgoers to stop and think about the recent attack against the inerrancy of the Word of God that is sweeping the world in the name of Christ. Known as apostasy in the Bible, this falling away is directly associated with an ecumenical movement that attacks the Word of God and advances the word of the pope.

While that commentary was written purposely to challenge denominations once called Protestant and Evangelical, a particular association of fellowships that I was once part of took my article personally and considered it an attack against them. While this was not my intention, I am persuaded to believe an expression I once heard: “If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that howls is the one that was hit.”

 An Update on the Titanic is just that. Perhaps there is still time for a final warning before the ship finally sinks. For many, the party is still going on in the ballroom and apparently danger has not been detected. While a few have headed to the lifeboats to get off the ship, most have not.

Why is it that grown men who are pastors would allow themselves to be manipulated and controlled so that they can no longer think for themselves? Of course, there is nothing terribly wrong with being associated with a denomination, but there are limits when it comes to what a pastor has to accept to be part of the club.

This kind of thinking is actually typical of Roman Catholic popery that does not allow priests to make their own decisions based on the Word of God. Priests are subservient to the pope, his edicts, and his dogmas and not to the Bible and Jesus Christ. When one man has all power, then Jesus is no longer number one, is He?

A perfect example of this kind of “follow the leader” mentality was the endorsement of the Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” that showed in movie theaters all over the world in 2004. While there were warnings that Gibson’s film was nothing but propaganda for the Eucharistic Christ promoted by the Roman Catholic Jesuit Plan, those who warned of the danger were considered negative in light of the endorsements by powerful church leaders like well known church leaders and others.

Some even purchased seating for their entire congregations to attend to see a film based on a vision from a book written by Anne Catherine Emerich, a Roman Catholic nun who claimed she was at the crucifixion by the way of a vision.

Now that these concerns have been verified by documentation from Mel Gibson himself, not one word has been said by those who heartily endorsed it to admit the warnings were right. The Road to Rome continues, and those who are in a position to do something to shine light on it and expose it remain silent.

A Further Word of Warning

Much could be said about the ongoing slippery slope towards Rome that has been embraced through the Emerging Church and the Purpose Driven by well-know Christian leaders—ones whom we never would have expected—because they lowered their standards.  How could this ecumenical madness have crept in unnoticed? Or was there an orchestrated plan that has been underway for years?

Are the Jesuits for real or not? Do they infiltrate churches and church organizations in various ways? Do they use lies and manipulation and even mind control? How about extortion? How can those on board the Titanic keep on dancing while it is already on the way to the bottom of the Atlantic.

I recently read a book in which the author claims that End Times deception can all be traced to the teachings of Karl Marx. However this book falls short of the real plan of deception that we read about in the Bible. Karl Marx may have been used as a tool of deception by Satan, but he is a small player compared to the plan Satan set up to form a one world ecumenical religion with Rome as the headquarters.

Get Off and Get Right

Why would you want to follow a man and go down with the boat? Wouldn’t it be better to get into the lifeboat and not stay in the sinking boat? The Lifeboat is Jesus Christ, our only hope. There are pastors who are in clubs, as an example, the “dove club.” Men love clubs because they love to follow men rather than Jesus Christ.

As well, men love power and love to play the role of a pope. Did you know there may be only one Roman Catholic pope at a time but there can be several Protestant popes?

Stop and think and ask yourself a question! Are you on a boat like the sinking Titanic? Maybe you are following a captain and have not noticed the warning signs.  If you have not headed for a lifeboat yet, now is the time.   Let Jesus be your captain while there is still time. Row away from the sinking boat and follow Jesus alone.  Do all you can to assist those who are drowning. Lend them a helping hand.

In most cases, captains go down with their ships. The exception would be unusual but sometimes there is an exception. If the captain were to tell the crew and the passengers all hope for the boat was lost and that all should abandon the ship, this would be good. Then the captain could get off. Of course, this would take a lot of courage from the captain. He would have to admit that some things had gone wrong, wouldn’t he?

We are in the last hour. The Word of God makes things very clear. Everyone should pray and ask the Lord what is the right thing to do. It is time to quit playing games and follow Jesus Christ, become an evangelist, and reach the lost.

Jesus said “follow Me and I will make you fishers of men (Matthew 4: 19).



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