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Commentary by Roger Oakland

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I have a question. Whatever happened to Jesus Christ at Christmas time? Along time ago, when I was a child, Christmas was a time of year when we exchanged gifts with family and friends. Oh yes, Santa Claus was also in the picture as well. Jesus Christ at Christmas in our family was the main thing about Christmas. I have been wondering lately what has happened.

Time, of course, has a way of changing everything. What once was, is no more. It looks to me like the “Christ” has been ripped out of Christmas. Now all we hear is “Happy Holidays” with “good old Saint Nick.” Christmas time is the time to “eat, drink and be merry.” Credit cards are maxed out to the limit, people leaving parking lots require anger management counselors, bargain hunters need to wear hard hats or football helmets to survive.

So what is so happy about the “Happy Holidays”?

Further, I have noticed that those who make the laws in various places have also removed Christ from Christmas. Of course it is important to be tolerant and accept all religions. However, does tolerance mean abstinence from Christianity? If so, should the dictionary find a new meaning for the word?

For example, here is what one journalist wrote in an article:

Only weeks after voting for a resolution that "recognizes the Islamic faith as one of the great religions of the world," nine Democrats in the U.S. House refused to vote for a Christmas resolution that condemns the worldwide persecution of Christians. [1]

Now think about this. As far as I know it is still legal to think. Why would nine congress members praise one religion and refuse to recognize another? Is that being tolerant? Where were the others who said nothing? Were they afraid? I thought America was the land of the free, not the land of the fearful.

Or how about the following headline: “Nativity Scene Draws Complaint”. [2] Protestors say that “religious” scenes are not welcome on government property. So when did this become the law? I thought governments in the western world upheld religious freedom. What has changed? Is it possible that freedom has been taken captive and we don’t know it? Whatever happened to the laws of the land?

Finally, one further example that shows it is not just North Americans who have gone mad. Consider the following statement taken from an Israeli source:

A rabidly antisemitic "Christian" charity organization in England is selling specially modified nativity scenes in the run-up to Christmas this year. Amos Trust is also spewing a whole lot of slander in a special "Bethlehem Christmas Pack" available from its website. According to a report by CNS News, the nativity model being sold by the Amos Trust is of Bethlehem at the time of Jesus' birth, with a wall running through the town.

Made by Arabs in Bethlehem, it is meant to depict the security fence Israel has been erecting in order to safeguard its citizens from Palestinian terrorists infiltrating from what the world calls the "West Bank.” Amos Trust says that the wall in its nativity scene will ensure that "the wise men won't get to the stable." [3]

So, as you can see, the nativity has been politicized by religions around the world. No longer is Jesus Christ allowed to be the Savior, born in a manger. Bible-believing Christians have been forced to be politically correct because they are considered to be religiously incorrect.

So is there a solution? How should a Christian respond in such a hostile environment?

Christianity In A Post Modern World

It is true that many Christians are dismayed by what is happening all over the world and right at home—perhaps next door, or down the block. Christmas is just not the way it used to be anymore!

Some Christians are modifying their approach to adapt to the times. Some believe it is important to “go with the flow.” This of course can be spiritual suicide if one recapitulates in order to follow the path of least resistance. You can have both, some say. Put up a nativity scene for Christmas along with whatever symbols you want that represent the other religions of the world. Mix everything together and have one happy pagan family. Peace on earth and good will to man involves all men and all religions—what is wrong with that?

Of course, this would re-invent Christianity. When you take Jesus the Savior out of the manger, you have a universal savior. The narrow path that Jesus said leads to heaven is now a wide road that supposedly leads to peace without the “Prince of Peace.”

However, there is another trend that some Christians profess. They say that Christmas is not in the Bible. In fact, these people choose not to celebrate Christmas because it is nothing more than a pagan holiday. Celebrating a day to remember the birth of Jesus near the winter solstice is as bad as celebrating Halloween. They have determined to consider Christmas unbiblical, heretical and even satanic.

Now, at the risk of receiving hostile comments from those who read this commentary, I would like to appeal to common sense and logic. With this in mind, please read carefully and do not read between the lines.

Christmas, when I was a little boy, meant two things to me - Santa Claus and the celebration of the birth of Jesus. My parents were not pagans. They were Christians. When I was old enough to figure out that my dad was Santa Claus, and that he actually ate the cookies that I had left out under the Christmas tree, I have to admit, I cried. However, when I was old enough to separate reality from fiction, I  realized that Christmas is really about Jesus Christ. 

Now, should I condemn my parents to hell because they deceived me when I was a child? I don’t think so. I was saved when I read John 3:16, written in my dad’s handwriting in the front page of my Bible. I was thirty years old when that happened. 

As everyone knows, December 25, is not the day that Jesus was born. However, what is wrong with celebrating a day that remembers the day Jesus was born? If you put Santa Claus above Jesus then I would suggest you do not celebrate the birth of Jesus a Christmas. If you put Jesus above Santa Claus, then celebrate Christmas as a day for celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Is it possible to become so pure and righteous in this world that one can no longer live in this world? The US dollar bill has an all-seeing eye on it. I am sure you have one in your pocket. Will you spend the dollar even though it has a satanic symbol on it? If you take the position you are going to set all things right, you will be considered right off. Unbelievers will think you have lost your mind.

The world is demanding that Christ be taken out of Christmas. When Christians take Jesus Christ out of Christmas, it won't be long before it will be illegal to take Christ to the world throughout the year.

I believe that Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior. So is Easter. So is Halloween or any other pagan day or holiday. Why not celebrate the birth of the Savior every day? Celebrate His death and His resurrection. Tell people that He is coming soon!

Don’t stop celebrating Christmas to make yourself more righteous than others. If you do, forget about telling your lost neighbor about Jesus Christ the rest of the year.



[1] Bob Unrah, Dems: “Amen to Ramadan, but forget about Christmas
9 House members praise Islamic faith, won't recognize Christian observance,”, December 12, 2007.

[2] Tim Damos,, December 15, 2007.

[3]  Stan Goodenough, Jerusalem Newswire,

 December 15, 2007.

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