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Dino Dung

Commentary by Roger Oakland

   Everyone is interested in dinosaurs. So, it is to be expected that when a new dinosaur fossil is discovered somewhere in the world, journalists are always quick to report the find. Sometimes it seems science reporters are over enthusiastic when they inform the public about a new dinosaur discovery. For example, consider the following statement reported in a June 98 Associated Press article titled Tyrannosaurus rex Ate Bones, Dung Study Shows:

   "Scientists have found a piece of jumbo dinosaur dung containing what might be the first evidence that Tyrannosaurus rex chopped it's preys bones instead of gulping them in chucks. The 65 million-year old lump is the biggest fecal fossil known from a meat-eater. It was found in southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada, and due to its size, scientists think it came from Tyrannosaurus rex."

   So what is so important about this giant piece of "dinosaur do-do," supposedly deposited 65 millions years ago? Thomas Holtz Jr., a dinosaur expert from the University of Maryland provided an answer to that question. He stated: "Until now, there had been no sign that T. rex mashed up bones before swallowing." Then continuing his explanation he expounded, "most scientists suspected that [these] meat-eaters either avoided bone or tore off chunks from their prey and swallowed whatever bone chunks were in it."

   This new piece of "Dino-dung" has triggered a whole new controversy within the evolutionary community. Some say this historic discovery not only shows how T. rex chewed its food but that it also provides valuable information for a greater understanding of our evolutionary past.

   But is this really the case? Will this new piece of petrified "Dino-dung" provide new insight that will enlighten the world about evolution or will it be used merely as a means of promoting the theory of evolution? One thing that is certain, the public [that's you and me] will be called upon as taxpayers to provide more research funding needed to keep the evolutionary dogma going.

   What about the possibility of spending research money on investigating the statistical impossibility that life couldn't have evolved by a process of chance? Of course, this would show that life must have been created. But government funds are not available for creation research. Don't ever expect that will happen.

   The Bible states that when men reject the overwhelming evidence that God is our Creator, professing to be wise, they have the potential to behave like fools. In the future, expect there to be plenty of funding for scientists continuing to hunt for petrified dinosaur droppings in their quest to support the theory of evolution. It's predictable based upon what the Bible claims man is capable of doing.

   I am Roger Oakland. This has been a biblical perspective to help Understand the Times.

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