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Hobbit Or Hoax?

Commentary by Roger Oakland

It’s another earth-shattering discovery. This time a “3ft-tall ‘hobbit’ rewrites the history of mankind”. [1] Promoters of Darwinism are very enthusiastic. Another “missing-link” has been discovered. This monkey-faced human-like hobbit is our cousin, they say.


Richard Dawkins from Oxford University , a well-known British promoter of Darwinian evolution, called the new discovery “the most exciting surprise to hit anthropology for decades”. [2] But, before we get too excited about this alleged “ape-man” creature, wouldn’t it be wise to check out the facts? History reveals evolutionists have made erroneous claims before about the lineage of man. Is this really a credible missing-link, or could it be just another hoax based on an artist’s painting?


I was in Northern Ireland when the news was released. First, the announcement was made on television. The following morning, the discovery appeared as front page news. The Independent, a national newspaper, showed a full page artist’s conception of an ape-human creature, subtitled “how ‘Flores Man’ would have looked”. [3]  

Here’s how the article was introduced:


Scientists are celebrating the most important breakthrough in anthropology for a century: the discovery of a new species of apeman. Described as a human “hobbit”, the ape-man grew no taller than about 3 feet and had brains the size of grapefruits. They lived along prehistoric man for thousands of years before they died out in the dense jungles of Indonesia . [4]


What is there about “Flores Man” that has convinced evolutionists to believe they have now discovered the “mother-of-all-missing-links”? The answer to that question was found in the article: “Scientists said this new species named Homo floresiensis or Flores Man, calls into question the very nature of what it means to be human, because of its extraordinary dwarfed features and tiny brain”. [5]


By evolutionary standards, the date assigned to “Flores Man” is quite recent – 18,000 years old. Although the fossil is small it is perfectly proportioned. At first, researchers thought she (apparently Flores Man was a she and not a he) was a child. However, closed skull sutures and wear of the teeth suggested that she was about thirty when she died. [6]

"Hobbit" Skull - Human Skull

“This is unequivocal evidence that another species of human was living at the same time as our recent ancestors,” scientific experts said. Further, based on when the creatures were estimated to have lived, this would suggest the “hobbit” would have lived along side modern humans. [7]


Five days after the initial announcement The Daily Mail, another Irish newspaper, ran a full page spread. This time the heading stated: “The Hobbit Who Shook The World: The sensational revelation this week that 3 foot high humanoids flourished only 18,000 years ago and may still exist in remote jungles has awesome implications: no longer can we assume that we are unique…” [8]


Did you note carefully the phrase “may still exist in remote jungles”? What would be so shocking about this? There are miniature humans who live today in various parts of the world – we call them pygmies. But they are humans like us, not part-ape.


Since the time of Darwin , evolutionists have been searching for missing links. No living representative has ever been found – they are all extinct. Creating the idea we may find one in the future, sounds quite exciting for those who say there is no need for a Creator.


Meanwhile, the evolutionary community will have to be satisfied with the artist’s conception of what Flores Man “may have looked like” – a human body with a monkey-face – based on a skull that looks just like modern man, only smaller.


I would suggest we will see more and more artist’s conceptions of ape-human creatures in the future. I call this evolution propaganda. Don’t be deceived.




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