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Two Moms, No Dad

Commentary by Roger Oakland

When we think of babies, we think of a Mom and a Dad. Whoever heard of two men or two women having a child? Everyone knows the formula for the perpetuation of life requires a male and a female.


Look at the facts! You exist because you had a mother and a father. Your parents also had a male and a female parent – you have two grandmothers and two grandfathers. And as far as you can trace your lineage backwards in time, life carried on and both sexes were necessary.


Well, at least that’s the way it was in the past. However, there may soon be some startling changes on the horizon. A new achievement in the field of biology indicates it is now possible for two females to have a baby - without a father.


An Associated Press news item reported on April 21, 2004, caught my attention. The headline stated, “Scientists create mice with two genetic moms, no dad.”  A Japanese scientist along with colleagues from Korea had accomplished this major biological feat. They had found a way to eliminate dads from the process of having babies – at least - in rodents. [1]


In April of 2004, when it was announced that a mouse had been produced without a father, I sent out a news bulletin to those on our Understand The Times e-mail update list, alerting our subscribers about the fatherless mouse that had been artificially produced. For some reason, I had assumed that everyone would understand (without making any comment), why a fatherless mouse was so significant.


But my assumption was wrong. In a few days, I received a number of responses from people. They all asked the same question: What is so significant about scientists producing a mouse without a father?


You see, for me, there was another important aspect to this news item that I did not realize would be overlooked. While even Tomohiro Kono, the scientist who came up with this technique stated that producing humans without a dad would be “senseless,” I questioned if that was really the case.


When I read the headlines about the “mouse with no dad,” I was reminded of an article I had read over twenty years ago that I still have in my files. This article titled “Embryo Technology” was published in Parents Magazine, May 1981. [2]



At that time, Dr. Kurt Semm, Chief of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the University of Kiel in Germany was concerned about the direction genetic research was heading. In this article he said, “There is an old German expression which roughly translated means, ‘one should not poke one’s nose in God’s affairs.’” [3]


Dr. Semm had a reason for making this statement. As far back as 1981, scientists were considering the possibility that someday offspring might be produced without a male parent. As the article stated:


Pierre Soupart at Vanderbilt University in Nashville , Tennessee , actually has the potential to make males unnecessary to parenthood. Their experiments with mice indicate two eggs can be fused so that they start to divide without the help of any sperm. [4]


While people may not understand the significance of fatherless mice today, they did in 1981. In the same article there was a large illustration showing two lesbians, their nude bodies joined together by a common womb. [5] You don’t have to use your imagination to understand the significance of this illustration – then, or now.


The Bible states that whatever man imagines he can do - he will (Genesis 11: 6). With regard to producing a mouse without a father - it has already happened. Is it possible that someday, two lesbians will be able to have their own baby without a father?


I would suggest to you, it is not a matter of if, but when. In my view, the wrath of God that is predicted in the Bible is also very near. 




[1]  Toronto Star, April 21, 2004,

[2]   Lori Andrews, “Embryo Technology,” Parents,May 1981, page 63

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