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Noah Or Not?

Commentary by Roger Oakland

Until recent times, geology based on the concept of uniformitarianism, has explained that layers and fossils found in the earth’s crust are merely the product of billions of years of gradual events. Now, through the efforts of the creationist movement, many have come to realize the world-wide flood can be backed up by credible evidence.


However the scientific community and the media are strongly opposed. In fact, in March of 2004, the British Broadcasting Company aired a special documentary designed to refute the biblical Noahic flood. In the introduction of an article titled “Animals into the ark two by two? Not if you believe in the BBC,” we read:


The biblical story of Noah’s ark is a “great myth,” devoid of any scientific or historic credibility according to a new BBC program about the great flood. Noah’s Ark , which has been produced by the Corporation’s religion and ethics division, argues that there is no evidence to support the idea of an ark, a global flood or even a man called Noah. It claims the story of the Book of Genesis was a fabrication inspired by the story of King Gilgamesh, who was caught up in a flood while trying to transport his own livestock. [1]


In the documentary, Jeremy Bowen, the program’s presenter made the following profound statement:


It’s time to forget the original story and start again. The traditional notion of the Noah story does not pass any sort of rational or historical test. Maybe it was not meant to, maybe it was made up. [2]


As part of the documentary, Bowen interviewed a number of scientists and historians who dismissed the idea that the world was engulfed by a global flood. These experts claimed there is not enough water in all of the world’s oceans to support a worldwide flood. [3] Further, the article concluded that the experts (scientists and historians) have concluded “that the Noah story was invented by Jewish scribes who embellished the story of Gilgamesh to evoke an all powerful and vengeful God.” [4]


How interesting! Especially in light of comments Peter made in the New Testament – 2 Peter Chapter 3. He said a sign of the last days would be that experts would deny the world had been destroyed by a global flood. He said they would do this, not because of lack of evidence, but because they were willingly ignorant. In other words, they would deny God had destroyed the world by a flood, because they did not want to acknowledge God, the one who can bring judgment.


Remember, Peter said this would happen in the last days. Maybe it would be well to consider – the last days, may be here - right now.



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