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Commentary by Roger Oakland
Understand The Times International: Roger Oakland Ministries

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Carl Sagan was a strong believer and promoter of Darwinian evolution. He was also an advocate of taxpayers funding the technology required to scan the heavens for intelligent beings. Although Sagan believed that one day this technology would discover signals that would show we are not alone in the universe, science has not yet announced they have made contact with our cosmic cousins.

Sagan once stated, “Civilizations that are hundreds of millions of light years beyond us should have sciences and technologies so far beyond our present capabilities, they would be indistinguishable from magic.” [1]  

Or as a colleague in extraterrestrial research, Robert Jastrow, once said, “Life that is a billion years beyond us may be far beyond the flesh-and-blood form that we would recognize. It may be in the form of a silicon-based intelligence, or more likely, it is disembodied and has escaped its mortal flesh to become what old-fashioned people would call spirits.” [2]

So, here is the question: If these extraterrestrial superbeings have evolved beyond the physical dimension as Sagan and Jastrow claimed, how would they try to communicate to mere Earthlings who are so much lower on the evolutionary ladder?

Carl Sagan had an answer for that question, “Perhaps the messages are already here,” he said, “present in some everyday experience that we have not made the right mental effort to recognize. Their messages may lie in quite familiar circumstances.” [3]

Since Sagan made this statement, a lot has changed. The New Age has brought about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Mankind is on the verge of taking a great leap of consciousness, and a “new breed” of human is emerging, we are told. New Age proponents continue to claim they are able to make contact with these further evolved beings in the spiritual realm. It’s only a matter of time that the whole world will get in tune, they say. Then we and our space brothers will realize, because of evolution, we are all one.    

Who would have ever believed that religion and science would have joined hands? The religion, of course, is not based on a belief in a personal God or Savior. The religion is an eastern worldview that assumes that everything is God - including ourselves. How interesting this is in light of the Bible. The message New Age mystics say they are receiving from the stars is the same message that Satan used to trap Eve. Only this time the message is not just for a single person at the beginning of history - it’s for all of mankind at a period of history the Bible describes as the end times.

Is the rising interest in extraterrestrials just one more of the signs we are in the last days? The Book of Revelation foretells a time when extraterrestrial demonic beings will invade the Earth as a part of God’s wrath. Is the world being prepared right now?


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[1]  Carl Sagan, The Cosmic Connection, page 222

[2]  Robert Jastrow,EO Magazine,February 1982, page 14

[3]  Carl Sagan, The Cosmic Connection, page 224


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