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Commentary by Roger Oakland
Understand The Times International: Roger Oakland Ministries

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At one time in my life, I was a staunch believer in Darwinian evolution. During that period of my life, I just accepted what I was told by scientists without thinking very much about the claims they were imposing on me. Eventually, I came to the realization this was a far too passive approach. The traditional scientific world teaches us to never accept things by faith. For this reason, I started to see some holes in the evolution argument and was challenged to look at the real facts for myself.

Biologists who study the human body realize there are many complex processes essential for life that need to be explained. Darwinian evolution claims to provide the answers. All that is required are minute changes in the genetic code, environmental pressure, natural selection, and plenty of timeóit is believed.

Although it is easy enough to say this formula worked in the distant unobservable past, it is much more difficult to come up with a step-by-step model to show how natural processes operating by chance can produce the complexity of life. For example, consider what has to happen for blood to clot so that one doesnít bleed to death. Everyone knows when you cut yourself with a sharp object, you bleed. If the bleeding continues unhindered, you eventually lose all your blood and die. Clotting is a complex biochemical process that prevents you from bleeding to death. How did this process evolve by chance?

Without going into all the detail describing numerous biochemical reactions and an explanation for the source of a chain of essential complex molecules, we can recognize that the clotting of blood is a very intricate process. Ask yourself this question: how could this have happened by some chance process requiring millions of years of time? If the evolutionary explanation can be supported by science, then we should demand to have some answers based on facts. How did the clotting process evolve over time? If one step in this complex biochemical process fails, the organism that hasnít evolved the ability to prevent itself from bleeding will bleed to death.

Obviously, the clotting process must be precise and isolated to the location where the injury has occurred. If a clot forms in some other area of the body, the end result can be death. How could such a necessary and precise process have just happened by chance? It seems as if the very nature of the clotting of blood requires intelligent planning and design.

There are people today who have ruled out God as their Creator. They would rather believe we exist because of chance and that humans are at the top of the evolutionary pile. So, if you are someone in this category, I want you to stop and think. Next time while you are bleeding, take a few moments and try and come up with a reasonable explanation for the clotting of blood. Try and explain the evolutionary mechanism that brought about the process that will save your life.

The Bible states the Creator, who designed the clotting process, shed His blood and died on a cross. Accepting the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ is of paramount importance. The decision you make will determine where you spend eternity.

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