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Facebook and the Coming New World Order

Commentary by Roger Oakland
Understand The Times International: Roger Oakland Ministries

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Millions of people around the world are addicted to Facebook. They spend hours each day with their faces glued to their computers, tablets or smartphones scanning the latest news that has been handed off from their friends. This commentary is not meant to offend those who use Facebook. It is just a word of warning to the wise. Did you know that you are helping to set up the technology that will be used to assist the antichrist in order to monitor and control you, your family and your friends?

If you are convinced that Facebook and other social media formats are as safe as mother’s milk you may be upset with this commentary. Perhaps you don’t see the danger coming. Facebook is a tool that connects human beings around the entire planet. It is also a forerunner or a setup to get people ready for a global communications network that will prepare the world for “big brother.” At best Facebook is considered to be just harmless social media. At worst it is nothing but a gossip column that can destroy relationships and allow amateurs to be disguised as medical doctors or lawyers along with a multitude of other professional disciplines.

If you are already angry with me, please read on. I am not upset with Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook or you. I am not saying you should avoid using Facebook. Just be aware of what is going on. You may thank me down the road rather than condemn me now.

For clarification, I am not a journalist who writes for a newspaper or magazine. I am a simple farmer from Canada who reads the Bible and believes what God has said makes sense.  I believe that God has given mankind plenty of warning with regards to events that are in the future. The world and the church are presently being set up for a New World Order and a One World religion that will require a global communications system. Facebook is one of the many trial balloons.

Further, once this system is in place, every person on the planet will be part of an electronic system that controls humans. Even buying and selling will be monitored in the future. There will be no more cash transactions. Everyone will have a personal ID embedded in the tissues of their bodies. Every move anyone makes will be sent to a global network of computers. Fasten your seat belt. This plan is here now.

The fact is that very few Christians have taken notice of what is happening and those who have don’t seem to care. In the past some did. Today, many Christians don’t even realize there is a problem. Worse yet there is a trend to unite all religions together with a form of Christianity that claims a transformation or “revival” is underway and the “Holy Spirit” is being poured out as “unity” is established. This, they say, will bring about the establishment of the “kingdom of God.” 

As the apostle Paul warned the church that he had personally established in the city of Corinth, I believe it would be useful to take the same warning today:

For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him. [1]

Now, back to the theme of this commentary. What does Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have to do with a global communications system and why the alarm? Let me clarify, I am not saying Mark is the antichrist. What I am saying is this: The system he invented which made him very wealthy could well be part of the structure that sets up the antichrist system foretold in the Bible.

More facts to Ponder based on Facts

USA Today online version [2] posted an article that caused me to pay attention. The headline stated: “Zuckerberg steps into political fray”.  Here is how the article begins:

SAN FRANCISCO—Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told attendees of Facebook's annual developers conference that they should concentrate on building bridges rather than walls, an apparent reference to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's calls to build a wall at the U.S.- Mexico border. [3]

In order to clarify for our readers I need to make a statement at this point. I am not interested in American politics nor do I support any of the candidates on either side. However, I am very interested in what Zuckerberg is saying with regard to global politics because what he has stated fulfills Bible prophecy. Continuing to quote from this same article:

On his Facebook page, Zuckerberg wrote, "This speech was personally important to me and I spent a lot of time writing it," he wrote. "Even if it's unusual for a CEO to address world issues and lay out a 10 year roadmap to improve them, I care deeply about connecting the world and bringing people together, so I wanted to put this out there. It's different from any other speech I've given."

He continued: "It's about why connecting the world is more important now than ever. It's about having the courage to choose hope over fear. This isn't about any one person or country. It's a worldview about connecting all people and nations. And it's a roadmap to help get there." [4]

Interpreting the Facts in Light of the Bible

If I had the time and the space I would quote the entire article. What Zuckerberg is describing is profound. If you still think that Facebook is the answer to the world’s problems, then please think again. Mark Zuckerberg is a clever young man, however, he will never out maneuver the God of the Bible. He and his team are human pawns preparing the world for a strong delusion.

One final comment, this time based on a quote from the USA Today printed version I picked up in Miami Airport on April 13, 2016:

Zuckerberg detailed a plan to bring people together through an ambitious strategy of unfurling technology that jumps borders and crosses cultures, a sharp rebuke to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has advocated building a wall along the US-Mexico border and banning Muslims from entering the US. “As I look around the world, I’m starting to see people and nations turning inward, against the idea of a connected global community.” [5]

Then going back to the online version of the same news item we read:

Zuckerberg says Facebook's roadmap will give people the chance to share anything in the world with any one. His top priority: helping more people get online with technology like drones and satellites. [6]

My case is closed. Use Facebook however you want. You and I won’t change progress. Don’t quit using the Internet but be careful how you use it. What you do is your business, not mine.

In another commentary I will write about potential Facebook fraud where evil people can destroy your life and your reputation. It would be good to pay attention to the facts. We do not live in the utopian society that some politicians and even some Christians are attempting to build.



[1] 2 Corinthians 11:4

[6] USA Today, 04.13.2016 front page



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