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Understand The Times Announces New Web Site

Commentary by Roger Oakland
Understand The Times International: Roger Oakland Ministries

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Over the past decade radical changes have been underway in the Evangelical Church. Publishers, pastors and church leaders have attempted to re-invent Christianity for the postmodern generation. Church growth methods have swept the church worldwide introducing “seeker friendly,” “purpose driven” and ecumenical congregations to a watered-down Christianity that has removed Bible teaching and preaching from many pulpits.

When concerned individuals go to their pastors or church elders and express their concerns, they are told to “get with the program or find another church.” Forced to leave these churches, they soon find out it is impossible to find another church in their town or city where the pastor teaches and believes in the Bible anymore. Dismayed, they often end up staying at home, starving for fellowship or wondering if there are others who have experienced the same problems.

While there are some pastors who remain faithful to proclaiming the Word of God, most have fallen for techniques and methods they perceive will reach the postmodern generation and fill their pews. Some pastors who are embedded in denominations or fellowships of churches recognize the problems that are underway, but remain silent because they don’t want to rock the boat or lose their position in the “franchise” they belong to. In essence, Christianity has become a big business at the expense of standing up for the truth. Pastors, assistant pastors and staff members of churches are on a payroll. In order to support their families, they require their monthly check and cannot afford to lose their position.

Contemplative mysticism from an eastern worldview has invaded Christianity by promising mystical experiences they are told will draw followers closer to Jesus. Books by Roman Catholic mystics with Zen Buddhist ideas are have found their way into sermons. Often Bible studies no longer use the Bible, instead they use someone’s book that introduces them to doctrines of demons. When this happens in the Women’s Bible Study, the pastor often remains silent because he does not want to offend his wife who is the leader of the women’s group.

Many who once considered the Genesis record God’s revelation to man regarding the topic of origins, now have rejected biblical creation and say that Moses was influenced by a Babylonian myth and not inspired by God. Christians, like unbelievers, now find it is acceptable to believe that all things came into existence by a natural process called Darwinian evolution. While Genesis is the very foundation of Christianity, only a remnant believes this and therefore have misconstrued the gospel.

Further, a vast number of people who profess to believe in Bible-believing Christianity are addicted to extra-biblical experiences rather than measuring these experiences with the scriptures. While “signs and wonders” attract large crowds and appeal to the flesh, the fact is that these experiences they attribute to the “Holy Spirit” may well be from another source. Both Jesus and Paul warned that “lying signs and wonders” would be a sign of the apostasy in the last days.

While many evangelicals once saw the significance of the nation of Israel as God’s chosen people, they now embrace Replacement Theology promoted by Rome. This has infected many denominations who now replace the promises to Israel to the church. Now pastors even preach hatred towards the Jews and pledge their support for nations and people groups who have vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

Bible prophecy, once considered to be crucial in order to understand our times exposing the apostasy and falling away the Bible warns would occur before the return of Jesus Christ, now has been relegated by the “Kingdom Now Builders” and placed into a spiritual museum. Now participants in what is known as postmodern Christianity, see Bible prophecy as useless and even a hindrance to working together with people of all faiths in an ecumenical unity they say will bring peace, safety and prosperity to the world.
When Pope Francis declared all religions worship the same God January 7, 2016, and a video produced by the Roman Catholic Church showed him holding various gods from various religions, the vast majority of pastors refused to inform their churches for fear they would be considered unloving. Love requires that Christians “earnestly contend for the faith” not remain silent when sheep are being misled to a lost eternity.

These issues which have been outlined are cross-denominational and worldwide. So far, very little has been done to build a platform or forum where likeminded shepherds and sheep can gather and be encouraged or encourage one another. This is why has been established.

On January 22, 2016 a round table discussion was held along with an open forum in southern California to discuss the problems outlined in this article. This is where the vision for this website began. You can view that discussion at:

On February 6, 2016, a 32-minute presentation was made at a conference in southern California summarizing the need for a platform for like-minded shepherds and sheep for these last days. You can view this presentation at:

The website, The Good Shepherd Calls: An Urgent Message for the Last Days Church is an attempt to fulfill the vision to establish a platform for like-minded shepherds, church leaders, ministries and sheep. The goal is to encourage one another and to focus on the “Good Shepherd”, Jesus Christ, and His Word. We will follow Him and His Word and not the teachings of men who are often inspired by other men who may not be following Jesus Christ.

Therefore, this website is not about following any man or any movement. The platform designed will cross denominations and deal with essentials of the Christian faith. This platform will sound the warnings that need to be sounded, always with the Bible as our authority. We pray that God will lead us by His Holy Spirit so that this site can be used to contend for the faith while at the same proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, according to the Scriptures.

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