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Commentary by Roger Oakland

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Since the early church, the simple graphic diagram of a fish has always been a symbol that represents Christianity. It is also well known that some followers of Jesus Christ make a public expression of their faith by mounting a fish symbol on their property in order for the world to see.

The most common place where people place the Christian fish symbol is on the bumper of a car. When a person walks by the car or approaches from behind they can immediately recognize the car likely belongs to someone who believes in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and has accepted Him as their personal Savior.

Recently I have noticed that the typical Christian fish symbol has taken on a new appearance. Although the general shape of the fish remains the same, the fish now has a set of legs attached to the main body. As well, the name of Darwin has been set inside instead of Jesus Christ.

Anyone who recognizes the importance of creation to Christianity understands the significance of the Darwinian fish very clearly. Without creation, followed by the fall of man, there would be no need for a Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Creation is the very basis of Christianity. Darwinian evolution is merely a naturalistic mechanistic process that explains God away. If there is a way to explain away God, then man is not accountable and humans are free to make their own rules.

The walking Darwinian fish is a slam against Bible believing Christianity. The creation skeptics who designed it knew exactly what they were doing. They know that if creation can be shown to be credible and evolution a hoax, people will recognize they have been created and their whole outlook on life will change.

There are people who are willing to testify to this fact, including myself. Once brainwashed into believing that Darwinian evolution was true, I rejected the Bible as nothing but legend and mythology. When I came to the realization that evolution was a theory without the substantiating facts, I was suddenly awakened to the fact that I had been part of the great delusion designed to cause people to doubt the reality of the existence of God.

The Bible states that Jesus Christ is our Creator  [1]. He created us; and He redeemed us if we will place our trust in Him. Because my life has been transformed by His love and grace, I am troubled when I see His name being ridiculed. The next time you see the Darwinian fish with legs on the bumper of a car, remember what it means. It’s not just a subtle attack against Christianity – it is blasphemy.

I am Roger Oakland. This has been a biblical perspective to help understand the times.

 [1] Colossions 1: 16-18


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