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Calvary Chapel Pastors Respond to Our Lonnie Frisbee Commentary

Commentary by Roger Oakland

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Ever since the commentary “Another Spirit or the Holy Spirit? was published, a number of Calvary Chapel pastors have contacted us and asked to be removed from the Understand the Times mailing list. While none of them gave any specific reasons, we can only assume it was because they did not agree with the facts we presented in that article about Lonnie Frisbee and his connection with the Jesus Movement and the beginning of Calvary Chapel.

At the end of that commentary, we documented how Skip Heitzig hosts the Riptide documentary, which shows how Lonnie Frisbee played the role of a catalyst for the “first” Jesus Movement. Riptide also showed Skip interviewing some of the pastors who were calling for “Another Jesus movement” or as a promo-cut of Riptide called it “Another Wave.” We inferred that this Second Jesus movement could be the same as the Roman Catholic “Another Jesus” movement that is promoted by Roman Catholic Charismatics, and promoted by another spirit for the sake of another gospel.

A few days after publishing our commentary, I spoke with a former Calvary Chapel pastor (who still has connections with Calvary Chapel) who told me, “you are confusing the sheep” by bringing up these issues that focused around Lonnie Frisbee. When I explained that I was only presenting facts, he said it would be better to keep quiet about the facts and just let the past be the past. When I explained that bad roots eventually produce bad fruit and that it would be important to clear the record before it is too late, this pastor said he was more concerned about apostasy that was taking place now in the Calvary Chapel movement than he was about the apostasy that was taking place at the beginning of Calvary Chapel.

Now, as you may understand, I am somewhat bewildered by what this pastor told me. If I am confusing the sheep by presenting facts that show that the spirit Lonnie was promoting was not the Holy Spirit, why should this be covered up? Was it really “a precious move of the Holy Spirit” as so many say? Or was something else going on that has been covered up in order to rewrite Church history from man’s perspective rather than explaining exactly what was going on? 

To say that the issue of Lonnie Frisbee shouldn’t be brought up today because it is a thing of the past could be very erroneous thinking. Is Lonnie Frisbee’s name and past role being used to bring about this second “Jesus Movement” or “another wave”? Are the “movers” of this new “Holy Spirit Movement” going to be turning to the same spirit that Frisbee turned to? And once again we ask, which spirit did he turn to? These seem like fair and vital questions to ask.

Our only purpose here is to find out the truth.

Several people asked to be removed from our mailing list because they say that it appears “Understand The Times must be bitter and twisted towards Calvary Chapel. This is simply not the case. We are concerned about those who are in Calvary Chapel who are following men and not Jesus. If you read the Bible, you will find this has been a problem throughout history. Satan’s favorite strategy is to convince sheep they are following a shepherd when the shepherd they are following is a man and not Jesus.

We are grieved by the number of people who still will not think for themselves. For those who want to know the truth, please watch and listen to witnesses who were there during the days of Lonnie Frisbee and to Lonnie himself when he talks about who he was and what he believed.

Please do not be upset with us. We are merely trying to be obedient to God’s Word and to find out the truth, that His name might be glorified and His church edified and protected. According to the Bible, the truth will set you free.

Here are some You tube clips to watch. You be the judge.

      1.   Lonnie’s testimony  -

2.   Lonnie’s testimony  -

3.   Lonnie’s testimony -

4.  Lonnie’s testimony -

5.  More about Lonnie -

 BONUS CLIP - This is another video that pieces all the clips together including 49 seconds of Chuck Smith speaking of Lonnie at the end -

After watching these clips about Lonnie Frisbee, please send us your vote to the following question: What spirit influenced Lonnie Frisbee and the Jesus movement?

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