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Bryce Homes Philippines Update

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Bryce Homes Philippines
Year End 2017 Update
From Pastor Ruben


Dear Bro. Roger and partners in the Ministry,

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ, whom we serve with gladness!
I am Ruben Laoagan, married to Janish Laoagan and have two lively sons. I serve as a pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church, established in April, 2009, which is located at Brgy. Cataguingtingan Rosario La Union. I am also concurrently pastoring Cornerstone Baptist Church-Baguio City. I also oversee the church planting ministry at Cornerstone Baptist Mission, Bayambang Pangasinan.
Indeed! Being a partner with you and your ministry in the past 4 years have been a blessing to me, my family, the church and people from our outreaches. As an independent pastor in the past 15 years, I am ever grateful to people who have the heart in reaching out to the lost in the community. The partnership we have with you enabled our church in La Union, which is primarily comprised of indigent people, to reach out to the community and conduct a feeding program for all the people attending our Saturday Bible Classes among the children and the adults.
Initially, we had three outreaches where we held the Bryce Feeding Program. Majority of those who attend the Bible classes have not had their breakfast. In most of the families we serve, “brunch” (breakfast-lunch) is prepared by their parents every Saturday. This is done to maximize their limited resources. Thus, it is a great blessing that the Feeding Program was established. Children and their parents in three areas can now have a hearty breakfast. In addition, our young people are being trained through these classes and have signified changes in their behavior and personality.

Even so, with the passing of time, persecution arose among the kin of the children attending our Bible classes in one of the areas; hence, with a sad heart, we had to close the Bible classes temporarily. It is with hope that we comfort ourselves with the thought that the Word of God we taught them in the past 6 months would bear fruit in due time. This coming 2018, our volunteer teachers are eager to try again and open this area as a Bible Class outreach and a beneficiary of our Feeding program. The children who used to attend and some parents are now showing interest once more in attending Saturday Bible classes. Please pray that this time, the Word of God will have free reign and the preaching of His Word be left unhindered. At present, the number of children served in the two outreaches as well as the Sunday School totals to 45-50 children


We also oversee three Bryce Homes – the Agting Family, the Gache Family and Fabros Family. First, the Agting family where our scholar Mark Benson Agting (he is 13 years old and is currently enrolled in First Year High School) belongs to. Being estranged from her husband, Ofelia Agting raises her 4 kids on her own. The family is actively involved in our church ministries. Joan Fabros , 14 years old and is currently in 2nd year High School, serves in the choir and plays the organ during prayer meeting and Sunday worship service during the absence of the church pianist. She, together with her older brother, also assists in the outreaches during Saturdays, while her mother, Noemi, helps out in cooking the food for our feeding program. Angeli Nicole Gache, 8 years old and is in Grade Two, dropped out from the program sometime in August because of personal reasons. However, Bryce Homes already provided all her school supplies and a two-month supply of multivitamins before dropping out. Bryce Homes scholars receive both food allowance, transportation allowances, school supplies (includes notebooks, pens, bags, umbrellas, and a monthly supply of pad papers), uniforms, multivitamins, and all other school dues and expenses like Parents-Teachers fee, monthly security guard fee, reproduction of test papers, scouting, school contributions and other school activity fees for camps and seminars.
We are also grateful for the Peter Dyksman Music Memorial Program where our youth are trained in handling musical instruments like guitar, flute, piano and ukulele. The choir in Baguio City is also undergoing voice lessons since most of the members are not musically-inclined. Praise God! They will render a Christmas Cantata on December 22, 2017. This activity not only improves their skill in singing, but it is our prayer that the Lord will use this program to attract unbelievers in the surrounding areas of Cornerstone Baptist Church- Baguio City. In addition, all of the students both from Rosario La Union and Baguio City rendered the prelude during the Joint Worship Service of La Union Fundamental Baptist Churches last October 29, 2017. The brethren from 6 churches were so blessed, they asked us to give the prelude again on the United Worship2018. In addition, the beneficiaries and scholars of Peter Dyksman Memorial Program also rendered a special number at Victory Baptist Church in Baguio City during their Missions month (October 22, 2017).

With all of these, we are more than grateful to the people who are used of God to sustain the above-mentioned programs. Please continue to pray that this 2018, the Lord will direct the church to the lot of His choice. We are still looking for a lot to purchase where the church can be established. Please pray for God’s provision as well. In addition, the workers and volunteers of our church are under heaviness due to financial and personal problems. Please uphold the workers in prayer that their eyes will only be focused on what the Lord wants us to do this coming 2018. Pray for wisdom for the church leadership, the humility to seek God’s leading in every program and activity of the church.
In all these things, we give God all the glory!

Sincerely Yours,
Pastor Ruben C. Laoagan


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