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May 2018 Bryce Homes India Pastor Wilson


Dear Pastor Tom and Brother Roger and all the supporters.

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from all children, foster parents and from me and my wife.
Report from Guntur month of April and May.

Praise point:
First: God has blessed all our Bryce Homes children in their schooling. They all have secured A and B grades in final exams.
Second: This year all our Bryce Home children attended the VBS (Vacation Bible School) from April 27th to May 12th for 15 days. All children learned how to connect with God, memorizing scripture, songs, Bible stories, art and craft work, along with basic spiritual principles for daily Christian life.

Last week Samantha (from family 3) confessed that Lord Jesus Christ is her Lord and Savior. During her daily Bible reading from Book of Mark 8:34-38, she understood that this world will not give her good life but only Jesus Christ will give good life if she follows Christ. After few days I met with her and explained to her the blessings and costs of following Jesus. Praise the Lord for convicting one more soul.

Schooling Report :
Family 1:- Single mother Akshay taking care of Sagar 6 years old and attending 1st class. He passed his final exams by "A" GRADE and was promoted to 2ND CLASS. Vidya who is 9 years old attended 3rd class she passed her final exams by "A" GRADE and was promoted to 4TH CLASS.

Family 2:- CH. Prakash and his wife Pravllika are taking care of Chintu (boy) 4 years and Chinnu (girl - 2 years). Chintu were promoted to UKG in School for this year.

Family 3:- P. John and his wife Sumalatha are taking care of two girls. Samantha - 9 years old and attended 3 rd class she passed her 3rd class final exams by getting "A"GRADE and was promoted to 4TH CLASS. Mahitha is 5 years old and attended 1st class she passed her 1st class with "B" grade and promoted to 2ND CLASS.

Family 4: G. David Sunuilrao and his wife G. Shalini are taking care of two the girls. Sharolin is - 8 years attended 2 nd class and Greeshmann is 6 years and attended 1st class . Sharolin was promoted to 3RD CLASS and Greeshmann to 2ND CLASS. They both passed their exams by getting "A" grades.

Family 5: Pastor B. John and his wife B. Phebe are taking care of 4 boys. This home started this year (2018)

Athin - completed his 7th class with "B" grade and promoted to 8th class
Pavan completed his 5th class with "B" grade and promoted to 6th class.
Saloman - completed his 7th class with "A grade and promoted to 8th class
Songarin -completed his 5th class with "B" grade and promoted to 6th class.

We are so happy to say that all the parents by their own expenses took all the children on an outdoor trip to ( HYDARBAD- CITY ) for two days and children had great time in seeing different places. First time all children are out of Guntur.

Prayer points:
Pray for children’s health as we are have heat waves and temperature is between 43 - 47 Degrees. It will continue till 2nd week of June.
From June 14th Schools will be reopened. We need books, bags, notebooks, uniforms. It takes a lot of money for the children education. we are praying for supporters and hoping that God will supply our need.

Pray for all the foster parents so they may love the children and continually take care of them as they do now. Pray for me and my wife as we guide and lead them in spiritual way and that we may do so more effectively and passionately for the Glory of God. Pray for spiritual growth so that all children may come to the Lord with full commitment and follow whole heartedly.
I would like thank you all are supporters and Pastor Tom and Roger from the bottom of my heart.

Thanking you
Pastor Wilson


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