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Bryce Homes in India

Donation For Bryce Homes India

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June, July and August 2018 Bryce Homes India


Dear Pastor Tom and Brother Roger and all the supporters of Bryce Homes. Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from all the children, foster parents and from me and my wife.

The following is a report from Guntar, India for the month of June, July and August.

"Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips shall praise you. Thus I will bless you while I live; I will lift up my hands in your name. Psalm 63:3-4."

Praise points:

One: Praise to the Lord for His providence regarding all childrenís education.

Two Pairs of Uniforms (each child 2000 Rs) = 24000-00

Each School bag worth (each child 600 Rs) = 7200- 00.

Text books, note books for one year (each child 7000- 00) = 84000-00

1st quarterly school fee (for each child 4500-00) = 54000-00.

Total amount is = 169200-00 Rupees.

We are able to do this with the help of Bryce Home supporters, the local church, foster parents and friends. It took us three months of time to raise the local funds for schooling. Thank God for His providence.

Two: God has blessed all the children with good health in hot summer weather. We were worried about their health as heat waves started but Lord blessed them with good health. Even though there are some health issues with children we continue medication and the sufficient grace of God is with all of us. 

Three: We can witness the strong bond between the children and foster parents. This is very rare in this part of the world. Children are calling them Mummy and Daddy and the parents also are so much attached with children that I am grateful for Godís amazing work in the hearts of children and parents.

Fourth: Children are growing spiritually. They are attending regular church along with parents and attending Sunday school. Me and my wife are continually teaching and helping each child spiritually. They are memorizing scriptures and reading Bibles regularly.



1) As you remember Samantha (from family 3) confessed that Lord Jesus Christ is her Lord and Savior. With all your prayers she is walking in the Lord. When she met her own mother she shared her testimony with her. Her mother was filled with tears. Samantha told her mother to attend church and leave her bad life. Her mother said she will. We need to pray for her mother. 

2). From Family 4 A few months back, Sharolin understood the forgiveness of her sin is only in the hands of Jesus. She even confessed her sin. On July 1st week, on my regular visit to her home, she told me that one girl in her school was bullying her. She asked me what she should do. I explained that she should forgive and pray for her. The Lord will take care of her. She did what I suggested. Last week she told me the girl stopped bullying her and started to behave well towards her. what a mighty God we serve.     

Reports by each family:

Family 1:- Single mother Akshay taking care of  Sagar,  he is now 2nd Class Vidya is attending 4th  class this year. She is very happy to have both children. The children are well adjusted with her.  

Family 2:- CH. Prakash and Pravllika  are taking  care of  Chintu and Chinnu . Chintu is in UKG in School this year. 

Family 3:- P. John and Sumalatha are taking care of   both the girls. Samantha - 4th class and  Mahitha is in 2nd class. John and his wife say God has blessed them with happiness in their home by having children in their home. They are very protective parents.

Family 4:- G. David and Shalini thank you because they are able to take care of two angels in their home. Sharolin is in 3rd class and Greeshmann in to 2nd class.

Family 5:-  Pastor B. John Phebe are taking care of 4 boys. This home started this year (2018) January. We need to pray for this home because it has a lot of challenges with boys growing up. We have seen some bad habits in their life and started to correct them with love and teaching the Word of God. We have seen real changes in their daily lives.

We taught them to pray and read Bible daily, memorize the Word of God and pray according to the word of God. Our gracious God stated to work in their lives and we are praising the Lord for His word in the hearts of the children. Athin - is now in 8th class, this academic year and is selected for School Kabbaddi Team, even though he is always having a problem with his health. He is doing well in is team as well as in his studies. 

Pavan - is now in 6th class. We found that he is lying on a regular basis even for smaller things. We started to work with him with love and prayed with him and told him he needed to confess and leave this bad habit. It took him nearly 3 months to confess and leave the bad habit. It is all Godís amazing grace.

Saloman - is now in 8th class. He also had a bad habit of stealing money (smaller amounts from parentís pockets) from the home. One day John found out what he was doing. We worked with him with counseling and prayers that helped him to understand what he was doing is against God and that it is sin. We were worried but never left our hope in the Lord and prayed for him. John said that a few days ago in the late night he suddenly started to cry praying by kneeling down. John was watching him. after some time he slept. When morning came John asked what happened last night. Salomon said I am sorry. Please forgive me. I will never take anything which is not mine without permission.

Songarin -is now in 6th class. he is good listener and learner. He is very active in home and church activities doing good in his education.

God is working so much in all our Bryce Homes and showering His grace, mercy and love and molding the children to be like Him   


We providing 24 types of neutration food items for each child for every month. This will differ according to the need of the child every month. 

Jagary- 1 kg -  80-00

Dry coconut -1Kg-  120-00

Ragi Milets - 2 Kg-  96-00

green grams -1 kg-  80-00

Peanuts - 2 kg-   180-00

Urud Dal -500 grams-  60-00

Sunfflower oil - 1kg-  120-00

Beans - 1 Kg-  70-00

Rice - 5kg-  250-00

Wheat- 2 kg-  90-00

Cron - 1kg -  30-00

Oaths -1kg -  95-00

Barley - 1Kg  45-00

Steemed Vegetables - (Daily) 300-00

Milk  and Yoghurt - (Daily one glass)  750-00

Chicken (weekly twice) -  400-00

Fish (weekly once) -  400-00

Egg (daily one) -  150-00

Potatos -  80-00

Brown Bread (weekly once) -  120-00

Tooth pest 100 gram  (one) -   60-00

Body soups (4) -  120-00

Talcom Powder - (100 gram- 1) -  98-00

Cocanut Hair Oil-  78-00


Total - 3872-00 Rs. (per month each child)


We are spending 4500-00 Rupees for each child per month. Within the three months God has provided more support for their education, uniforms, books and School fees.

Thank God for meeting all our needs. We are thankfull to all the doners of Bryce Home. Please continually uphold us in your prayers as we pray for all of you. Thank you Pastor Tom and Brother Roger for being our leaders and brothers in Christ and building the lives of children in our nation.

Thanking you Wilson



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