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July 2019 Bryce Homes India
From Pastor Wilson



"I will praise You O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works. I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High. (Psalm 9:1-2)."

 Dear pastor Tom and brother Roger and all the supporters. Greetings to all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support. You have expressed unconditional love and care and are a great example to us as children of Christ on this earth.

Praising the Lord: God has heard all our prayers and made us humble in our daily lives by blessing our Bryce Homes children in their schooling with great results, good health and meeting the needs of children.

Spiritual Blessing: This year all children who attended the V.B.S. in the month of May learned about the necessity of living a new life in Jesus and then living this new life daily. The children understood sin and its effect on their lives and the blessing of living for Jesus. All confessed their sins and prayed that God be with them always so they would constantly walk with the Lord. I praise the Lord who has worked in their hearts.

Physical Blessing:  June 20th, schools were reopened due to heat wave. During the heat wave children faced health problems for a few days but by God’s care and some medication they are now healthy.  By the grace of God, children entered new classes. God has heard all our prayers and has helped us with the needs of our children by providing education.

Following is a list of education expenses:

1). Note books and text books =

(7000-00 Rs each child for a year for 12 children                                         = 84,000-00

For two Babysitting children = 4000 each.                                                    = 8000-00.

2). Pens, Pencils,, and Geometry Box for all                                                 = 3,200-00

3). Shoes (2 Pairs each = 800-00)                                                                = 11,200.

4). 2 Bags for each (one for books and one for lunch box= 850-00)             = 11,900-00.

5). Uniforms (2 Pairs, each 2000-00).                                                           = 28,000-00

6). School fee for Babysitting each 5000-00.                                                =10,000-00.

7). School fee for the rest of the 12 each 9000-00.                                       =108,000=00.


All the books, pens, pencils, bags and uniforms came to us from Shalom local Church members, Foster Parents, friends and Bryce Home supporters. From the bottom of our hearts, we are thanking God for His providence.

Family Reports:

Family 1: Our single mother Akshaya has done a great job in taking care of Sagar (2nd Class) and Vidya (4th class). By the blessings of God Sagar received an A Grade in his 2nd Class and was promoted to 3rd Class. In a similar way Vidya also got an A Grade in her 4th Class and was promoted to 5th class.

Family 2: We glorify the Lord for Chintu and Chinnu as they are so loved by all.  Prakash and Pravllika are bringing them up in the Lord. God has blessed Chintu in his education.

Testimony: Prakash and Parvallika's say they are blessed because of the kids being in their home. Their home is always filled with smiles because of the joy of the children.

Family 3: God has blessed Mahitha and Samantha in their schooling as they received A+ Grade. Samantha now is in 5th Class and Mahitha is in 3rd Class.  John and Sumalatha had thanksgiving prayer in their home after both the children received A+ Grade in class. They are a great example as parents.

Testimony: Both Mahitha and Samantha said "By the grace of God only our children received A+ Grade. God heard our prayers".

Family 4: God has blessed both girls with good memory and wisdom. All our efforts and prayers were answered by the Lord. Sharolin got an A Grade and graduated to 4th class from 3rd class and Greeshmann also got A Grade and promoted to 3rd Class from 2nd class.

David and Shalini expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Lord for the girl’s great grades. They were weak in their studies in the past but God has blessed their efforts. 

Family 5:  This is our amazing and challenging family. All 4 boys have seen great transformation in their lives being under the care of John and Phebe. John and Phebe taught them prayer, Bible reading and memorizing the scriptures and also focus on their studies. This year all 4 boys graduated to next class. We praise the Lord for His blessings

Athin – Received an A Grade in his 8th class and now is in 9th class. He has changed a lot in his nature. 

Testimony: He is man of prayer as he spends much time in prayer. When we asked him what he prays, he said "I pray for our family, brothers, and all the supporters.  His obedient nature (which was not before) makes a big difference in his family.

Pavan - Received A- Grade in his 6ht class and entered in to 7th class this year. He put great effort in his studies. He loves the Lord and God is working in his heart and molding him.  

Solomon finished his 8th class with A+ Grade and was promoted to 9th class.

Testimony: He is asking some questions from the Bible while he is reading. We are happy to provide answers for him. This is good that he grows in grace.

Songarin received B+ in his 6th class and entered the 7th class. He is doing good in his studies. We all are praying for his salvation. His helping nature makes him loved by everyone.

Note: All the 4 boys have physical problems but God provides healing and blessing for the boys and they are in good health. Thank God for His sufficient grace and loving care. 

Family 6: This is the new family added 3 months back as a Bryce Home. We are blessed with this new home. Br. D. Vijay Kumar and Pavani are ministers of our Lord they are dedicated to bringing up the kids in their home with the love of Christ. The children are getting adjusted with Vijay and Pavani.

By the grace of God we are sending both the children to school. Arpitha (5 years) received Nursery admission, and Ankitha  (3 years) received Babysitting admission. We praise the Lord for His providence and love.    


 We praise the Lord for all the healthy food provided for the children. By the grace of God we are providing 24 types of food items for each child every month. This will differ according to the need of the child each month and even the cost and food items.

Jagary- 1 kg -                                                  90-00

Dry coconut -1Kg-                                          140-00

Ragi Milets - 2 Kg-                                         105-00

green grams -1 kg-                                         90-00

Peanuts - 2 kg-                                               220-00

Urud Dal -500 grams-                                     80-00

Sunfflower oil - 1kg-                                       140-00

Beans - 1 Kg-                                                 80-00

Rice - 5kg-                                                     300-00

Wheat- 2 kg-                                                  105-00

Cron - 1kg -                                                    30-00

Oaths -1kg -                                                   105-00

Barley - 1Kg                                                   50-00

Steamed Vegetables - (Daily)                        400-00

Milk and Yoghurt - (Daily one glass)              850-00

Chicken (weekly twice) -                                450-00

Fish (weekly once) -                                       600-00

Egg (daily one) -                                            150-00

Potatoes -                                                      100-00

Brown Bread (weekly once) -                        120-00

Tooth paste 100 gram  (one) -                       80-00

Body sopes (4) -                                            160-00

Talcom Powder - (100 gram- 1) -                  105-00

Coca nut Hair Oil-                                          85-00

We praise the Lord for our loving supporters. Till now our Lord has supplied every need of the children through the Bryce Home Program, Shalom Local church, friends, and foster parents.  Every month we get support from Bryce Homes and rest of the support is from foster parents, local church and friends.

NOTE : Our Shalom local church (which I am leading ) decided to reserve  8500 RS for emergency need.

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Wilson, India





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