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Proposal For Bryce Homes in India

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00 Monthly Donation for Bryce Homes India


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Bryce Homes in India
August 2017


The following is a quarterly report coming from two of our leaders in India that oversee four Bryce Homes. These children have been abandoned to the streets and left on their own to survive.  Bryce Homes India provides the support for the children to be taken into the homes of Christian parents. It is the support that we receive from our donors that makes this possible.

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your support and prayers for needy children and new parents.  God is working in the hearts of the children and the new parents in the Bryce Home children in Guntur. Last month schools reopened and all children have started to attend school. In the Bryce Homes Homes the adopted parents are taking care of the children. This is something I never expected from them because it is very difficult to love and care for children as their own. Also, children are having big physical challenges. 

We were able to raise some money locally for new books for the children. God has opened the hearts of the people and provided study books and note books for all the children. This is very expensive. Only God did this.

All the children are attending Sunday school every week along with their parents.

Pray for all the kids because of their physical illnesses.  Often, they fall in sick and unstable in health that makes a problem in homes. Pray for the parents. They are the ones who face all the challenges. May God give them the big loving heart.

About the childrenís spiritual condition. I donít confirm that any one has come to know the Lord personally but we are praying and hoping God will soon do His work in the hearts of the children.

Family 1:- Akshya a single mother is taking much care about  (boy) Sagar as he is 6 years old and attending 1st class  and (girl) Vidya is 9 years old attending 3rd class.  As Akshya told us that both the children reading and praying every day morning and evening she is teaching them to memorize the Bible verses. Also, they are doing well in school. 

Family 2:- CH. Prakash and his wife  Pravllika  are taking  care of  Chintu (boy) 4 years this year he is attending pre-school. Parents told us that he loves to attend  school even though some time he is not well he still wants to go school.  And (girl) Chinnu 2 years always keeps a smile on her face. Parents have just fallen in love with kids. They are teaching the children prayers in their family prayers.

Family 3:- P. John and his wife  Sumalatha are taking care of  two girls. Samantha - 9 years old and is attending 3 rd class and  Mahitha is 5 years old and attending 1st class. They are good in schooling and in reading bible. Parents are teaching to memorize the scriptures and daily prayers.

Family 4:- G. David and his wife G. Shalini are taking care of  two the girls. Sharolin  is - 8 years attending 2 nd class and Greeshmann is 6 years and attending 1st class. Parents are teaching them prayers and helping them to read the bible every day. Both are doing well in their schooling.

Wilson and Roselin.


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