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Bryce Homes Expanding in Myanmar and Kenya

Understand The Times is pleased to announce the expansion of the Bryce Homes International Program in Myanmar and Kenya. Four new Bryce Homes will be added in Myanmar where the program was first initiated in 2006. The four new homes will bring the total in Myanmar to ten. An additional four Bryce Homes will also be added in Kenya where the program began November, 2011. The total number of Bryce Homes in Kenya will now be twenty-four.

All new Bryce Homes in this expansion have been sponsored. Thank you to all that have sponsored a family!

While we are keeping with our main objective in assisting widows, orphans, and poor families in these countries so that they receive physical and spiritual nourishment, we are adding an additional dimension to our program. Six of these families we will be adding also act as missionary/evangelists in their communities. These families have little or no income and are struggling to make ends meet.  Two of the homes we are adding in Kenya will be single mothers who have been widowed and have children they cannot afford to look after.  

While in the future we will endeavor to help all these new families with better living conditions, for now they have their own shelters in the communities in which they are located. We will not have to build new homes or provide funds for rent. We will be assisting them with food and clothing as well as some other items necessary for a better life in order to help them with their ministries to others.

The average cost to support one of these families is approximately one hundred dollars per month. As some individuals and churches have contacted us in the past indicating they would be interested in the sponsorship of an entire family, we have decided to make this possible at this time. A good friend of mine, Mike Raley, has offered to be a liaison with sponsors and communicate with them as we receive more information.

Below are the group photos of the new Bryce Homes in Myanmar and Kenya along with a brief explanation for each.


Salaphan and Hnemte were married in May 2013. Hnemte is now 7 months pregnant. They took into their family Mie Mie Aung who was converted from a Buddhist family through their outreach ministry. They also care for his brother and sister. There are 5 members in their family. Salaphan, has been a discipleship student at the UTT School of Ministry, since 2010. In that same year God brought Hnemte to Bryce Home 3 as a helper. She has an outreach ministry school among Buddhist community.

Bryce Home 7 Myanmar Is Sponsored

Thar New and Nan Mu Khin were married in July 2012. They have a 4 month old baby girl. They have 3 other children from Nan Mu Khin’s previous marriage. Nan Mu Khin is gifted in making friendship with others. A Christ like character is clearly seen in the life of Thar New.  At present, they serve the Lord nearby West Yangon University. Accepting them as Bryce Home 8 would be meaningful for their family and help them for witnessing to the Buddhist community where they live.

Bryce Home 8 Myanmar Is Sponsored

Ling Khaw Khe is serving the Lord as a pastor at Lukpe village, 12 miles from from Bryce Home 4 in Mindat town. This is an animist community. He and his wife have a baby. There are 5 members in their family including Ling Khaw Khe’s parents who were formerly animists, but now strong Christians. We recognize this family is chosen by God to take spiritual leadership in that area. Accepting their family as Bryce Home 9 would bring a great channel of blessings for others.

  Bryce Home 9 Myanmar Is Sponsored

Man Ti Lung family is the family God has chosen to host our team in Delta area mission activities. There are 6 members in their family. We believe their family would be continually used by God to spread the Gospel of Christ in Chaung Suh, Ngawng Ngu, Wah Khe Mah, Delta area. Counting their family as Bryce Home 10 will mean a lot for their living expenses and for missions in that region.

Bryce Home 10 Myanmar Is Sponsored

Widow Florence’s husband died leaving her with four children to support. She is a faithful member of Pastor Achilla’s church and has been helpful in encouraging other widows in the church even though she has not received support. She will help widows establish our Small Business Program that we would like to establish in the Rongo area so that widows and families can move towards self-sufficiency.


Bryce Home 21 Kenya Is Sponsored

Widow Beatrice has two fatherless children. She and her family attend Pastor Achilla’s church in Rongo. They are having a very difficult time surviving and would be very grateful for help. We would like to add them to the Bryce Homes Kenya program. We believe that true Christianity mandates coming alongside widows and orphans if we are going to be true to God’s Word.

Bryce Home 22 Kenya Is Sponsored

Pastor Daniel is an associate pastor from Pastor Achilla’s church. He acts as a missionary-evangelist on a volunteer basis. He is a faithful brother and works many long hours serving the Lord. He has an interest in establishing a church in the Suna area where he can minister to families, widows, and orphans.


Bryce Home 23 Kenya Is Sponsored

Pastor Lawrence is also an associate pastor at Pastor Achilla’s church. He is a faithful servant of the Lord and does not receive any support. He volunteered to oversee the UTT/Lighthouse Trails Latrine-Shower project. He is also a missionary-evangelist and has a desire to share the gospel in the Rongo/Suna area.

Bryce Home 24 Kenya Is Sponsored

These are the eight homes we believe God has shown us should be added to the Bryce Homes Program. One of them, Bryce Home 10 in Myanmar, has already been sponsored by a church in Indiana. That means we are praying that God would touch the hearts of donors around the world in order to cover the seven remaining.

I have instructed Ron Pierotti, our Understand The Times webmaster, to post this missions update on our site and let people know about these needs. We realize some may be willing to participate but cannot afford the $100 monthly sponsorship; thus, we will also make it possible to give towards the Bryce Homes program for Myanmar or Kenya as a one-time gift or monthly gift of any amount.

For those who are already donating to either the Bryce Homes in Myanmar or the Bryce Homes in Kenya, you may continue to do so in the manner to which you are accustomed. The monthly sponsorship described above is an alternative way to support the Bryce Homes.

If you are not familiar with the Bryce Homes programs, then I invite you to read past reports posted on our UTT web site from the Philippines, South Africa, Myanmar, and Kenya. I am certain you will see that the Bryce Homes Program is a work that God has raised up that is reaching many and that your investment in this program will be funds well spent.


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