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Part of Raymond Arroyo's interview with Rick Warren on the EWTN show World Over
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Raymond Arroyo:            Tell me about youróthe little breather you take in the day when you watch television. When we first met, you came up to me afterwardsóI canít believe you watch this show.

Rick Warren:      Iím an avid fan of EWTN. I make no bones about it. I probably watch it more than any Christian channel. Well, you know what? Because you have more, more, uh, shows that relate to history. And if you donít understand the roots of our faith, that God had been working for 2,000 years, regardless of what brand of believer you are, God has been working for 2,000 years in His church. And if you donít have those roots youíre like the cut flower syndrome. Or youíre a tumbleweed. One of my favorite shows, which you repeat often is the Chaplain of Divine Mercy. Which I love. And when Iíve had a very stressful day, Iíll come home, Iíve got it taped and Kay and I will both, weíll listen. Weíll put it on and just sit back, relax and worship. And in the time of reflection, meditation and quietness I find myself renewed and restored. So thank you for continuing to play the Chaplain of Divine Mercy.

Raymond Arroyo:            Thank Mother Angelica.

Rick Warren:      Thank you, Mother Angelica.

Raymond Arroyo:            When I walked into your office here, I was struck. You have 3 images and personal notes that confront the person walking into your office. Which I have to say was a lot smaller and more humble than I ever thought. I thought youíd get this spacious palatial office. And there is Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Billy Graham. Why those three? What do they give you? And what .....

Rick Warren:      Well, the only one who is missing is Pope John Paul II. Those four people were the greatest influences on the 20th century. Without a doubt. Without a doubt. And each of them represent lessons that Iíve tried to learn. Mother TeresaóI had the privilege of writing the foreword to a book honoring the 100th anniversary of her birthday. And she wrote me. Thereís that note that says, be holy for God is holy and He loves you. And Mother Teresa taught the world that the face of Jesus is seen in the poor. That we need the poor. Not only do the poor need us, we need the poor. And God has chosenÖDoes God have favorites? Yes, He does. He loves the poor. There were 2,000 verses on the poor in the Bible. And God says, you care about the poor, Iíll care about you and your needs. So Mother Teresa taught that.

                Billy Graham was one of my nine mentors. All of my mentors are now passed on in heaven, except Billy. Heís 95. I went to his 95th birthday. Billy Graham taught me how to be a Christian statesman. He taught me how to relate to people of different faiths, relate to world leaders. And he also taught me about how to maintain moral integrity. And the Billy Graham Association created a list of things that they said we will not do. And I copied that and expanded it 33 years ago and everybody on my staff signs it.

                Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham each teach humility, integrity, generosity and they teach values and being willing to suffer for your faith.

Raymond Arroyo:            Do you find it difficult being identified as Americaís Pastor? Is there a weight having that moniker attached to what you do day in and day out?

Rick Warren:      It means nothing to me. I donít, you know, what people will say is really up to them. What really matters to me is the individual. And if notoriety allows me to influence people and point them to Jesus, thatís what itís all about. You know, Ray, when I wrote Purpose Driven Life, I wanted to start this book with the most counterculture statement I could possibly think of. And you know, so I chose a phrase. Itísófour word march. Itís not about you. And really thatís like a slap in the face in the Me Generation where everything in our culture says itís all about you. Okay, itís all about me, how I look, how I feel, what I want to do. Itís my life. Itís my body. Itís my money. And when I say itís not about you, itís really about the most counterculture thing you could say. What I didnít know, is how often I was going to be tested on that statement once I said it. Itís not about you. And I often have to say that phrase 8 or 9 times a day. When Iím criticized unfairlyóitís not about you. When Iím praisedóitís not about you. When people misunderstand meóitís not about you. When people challenge me or question my motivationóitís not about you. And I have to say that I have no idea how many times God was going to test me on that the rest of my life.

Raymond Arroyo:            Now, are you sorry you wrote it?

Rick Warren:      Not at all.

Raymond Arroyo:            Thank you, Rick Warren.

Rick Warren:      Thank you, Ray. God bless all the EWTN viewers. And thank you Mother Angelica for having a vision. A spry little woman who said, it can be done when everybody said it couldnít be done. A tower of faith.

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