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Bryce Homes Myanmar Update

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Bryce Homes Myanmar Update
Year End 2017 From Elisha


Dear Roger, Tom and Understand The Times supporters,

I write this yearend report with joy for His faithful leading hands and praising God for His provisions all these years.

I am Elisha, leader of Bryce Home 3, coordinator of Myanmar Bryce Homes. I began to partner with UTT since 2007.

Habakkuk, leader of Bryce home 5 is our financial director since 2011.

Habakkuk                    Elisha

We both are responsible to oversee all 16 Bryce Homes in which there are around 120 children in Myanmar. Each home has a leader who cares for the children to be good followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bryce Home 1

Sumpi, a like- minded missionary who is planting the church among Buddhist community in Tanhlin township located in the east of Yangon. With his wife Mawite they have three children and care for another five children. Mawite is now pregnant for the 4th child.

Including Thangpi his brother and his mother, they all are 12 together in their family. Sumpi always actively involves in discipleship training and in evangelism. God uses UTT to support this ministry since January 2017 through which they can continue as God has a call in their life.

Bryce Home 2

Khuasik has an outreach church at Yu Yu Lay, Hlaingtharyar, Yangon since 2012. He always actively involves in Gospel preaching regardless of the situation.

He has regular home cell on every Wednesday and worship service on every Sunday afternoon. Members are increasing year by year. Now, there are 30-40 people regularly come to his house on Sunday.

He got married on November 30, 2016 with Naw Dilisa. Wonderfully the Lord gave a son to this couple on November 30, 2017 which is their wedding day. Including his father, they all are 4 members in this home. Through your financial support, this ministry run well till today.

Bryce Home 3

The Lord has been taking care of Bryce Home Three under the sponsorship of Sowing Circle since 2007. Elisha and Christina are the leaders. They have experienced His marvelous works throughout the years. The Lord has raised up well-educated children who want to live now for Christ with their skills.

Daniel has completed his web design course. Lydia Malsawmi became a government school teacher. Muana has graduated from Pharmacy university. There are 6 Bible students, 5 High School final students and currently 20 residents at Bryce Home 3 with our own 3 children.

Thank you very much for your financial support all these years. Though you are not with us physically, you make it possible for us to invest many lives for the ministry.

Bryce Home 4

Andrew Thang Ling Om is the leader of BH4 in Mindat town, Southern Chin state of Myanmar. Andrew has been doing well in what the Lord has burdened on him that is to care for the orphans and poor children of his people since the year of the Lord 2011. He has a good wife who is now a school teacher nearby their village. There are 13 children plus their own 3 children.

The children of BH 4 are developed in several areas compared to their previous background. Andrew gives a good care and instruction to all these children that they now could have been able to do works in the fields in planting yamseeds and starbeans, and making farms of fish and goats. It is always good to see how God raise up such unprivileged children for His kingdom extension.

Bryce Home 5

Habakkuk and Biakte are the leaders of this home. They have their own 3 children and 12 others. Biakte's sister, Esther is their helper. Habakkuk is a servant leader who always care not only his family but also everyone who are related to him.

He is also a coordinator of the 16 Bryce homes in Myanmar.

Bryce Home 6

Shwe Shwe Oo got skin decease on the whole body when she was a small child. She suffered the pain badly for a long time. Her parents were unlearned and could not afford to care for her. When Roger came in 2007, he had a great compassion on her and he let Elisha to take care in Bryce Home 3 (Sowing Circle house).

At that time she was 14 years old. She did not know how to read and write. From that time on Christina began to give a good care on her. She gave bath twice a day with medicine and applied cream after bathing. And taught how to read and write. And after years ago she can read the Bible as other can read and write as well.

In 2012, she returned back again to her parents and counted her family as Bryce Home 6. Now, she becomes a Sunday school teacher. She always thanks the Lord and serve as much as she can.

This is a marvellous work of God in her live through UTT. As she has seen the great compassion of God in her life, she also wants to be a blessing to others in the way she can and to be faithful to God.

Bryce Home 7

Salaphan is working with Elisha in communicating with the people around Shwelinpan church. He is the main person to shepherd the flock. Mrs. Salaphan has children ministry at the church from Monday to Friday. Neighborhood Buddhist children come and she teaches both secular and Christian education. They have only one daughter.

Through their family effort, people come to the church on every Sunday joyfully. Their family commitment is to be ready for the Lord in every time and in every situation.

Thar New and Nan Mu Khin has 5 chidren including their adopted son. They live in Ayemyo, near West Yangon University. Their eldest son Thu Rain becomes grade-5, second daughter A Lay Lay becomes grade-4. Rosy, the third one becomes four years and the adopted son Goel becomes 3 years old. And the new born baby is boy and unfortunately his lip-broken by birth.

Thar New is gifted in preaching. His wife is converted from Buddhist. All their relative are still Buddhists. They are really in need of prayer support as they plan to reach all around their Buddhist villages with the Gospel of Christ.

Bryce Home 9

Ling Khaw Ghe is the leader of BH 9 in Lukpe village, Mindat township. He is a brother of Andrew (BH 4). He married a sister of Andrew's wife and they have two children. The family live together with his parents. As the parents are the first converts to Christianity in the village they receive respects from the villagers.

with the help of his brother Andrew, pastor Ling Khaw Ghe and his wife gather the children and teach them the Bible every Sunday and help them in their needs. Now Lukpe outreach church grows up to more than 30 born again believers. The ministry of BH 9 means a lot to the native people who were animists before. Thus God used the family of this young pastor to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in the dark place.

Bryce Home 10

Man Ti Lung is head of this family. With his wife and son's family, they live in jungle area and build their house by roadside of the village called Chaungsuh in Delta area. The land was not their own. So, they were expelled. The main reason is because they are Christian.

Currently, they live with their son Salaphan's family at Shwelinpan church. When the situation permits, they intend to get back at the same place.

Man Ti Lung is a bamboo player and a good singer who always joyfully praise the Lord. Please pray for this family future ministry.

Bryce Home 11

SK Lian and his wife Parte are the leaders and care giver of this Bryce Home. They began this ministry in 2012 with 5 children. They did not intend to care for many children but the need and situation forced them and now they care for 30 children.

This ministry is ordained by God for the poor children whose parents cannot take responsibility to protect them from the destruction of alcohol and drugs and train them to be good disciples of our Lord. SK Lian and his wife are so strong because they have a clear conviction to continue this ministry regardless of the situation. Please uphold them in your prayers.

We acknowledge that God used UTT to support this precious work so that they might continue as God has a called to the ministry.

Bryce Home 12

Timothy is a pastor of Bethel village church at the same time the main leader of Bryce Homes in that area. His wife-Pheobe is the women and children leader in their church. They have 9 children with their own 2 children. we clearly recognize that God has chosen and prepared  this couple to carry out the works of mission to their own people. Your financial assistance means a lot to them.

Bryce Home 13

Ali Ju Ju is a worship leader in Bethel village church at the same time he has an outreach church among Buddhist community. He has composed many songs. With his wife, they have only 2 year old son. Your financial support means a lot to this home.

Bryce Home 14

Widow Naca now lives with her sonís family. She is always actively involved in children and youth ministry at Bethel village church. UTT support is very precious for their family living and for the ministry

Bryce Home 15

Judah and wife have two children and another 5, they all are 9 members in their family. The flood with sand destroyed their house of 2 years back at Laos boarder. And the house is no more available in rainy season. So, last year, the new land was bought up on the mountain side of Chailat town with the relief funds but the building is not yet built. It is not so far from Government High School. His uncle who wanted to help him is seriously sick and admitted in the hospital for a long time. He spent all that he had for his medicine and could not help any more for the building.

The village is 8KM from Chailat town. There are around 60 houses in this village. Educationally and spiritually, they are really in need of help. They have only one person who has passed High School from the whole village till today. The children and youth are unlearned and destroyed by drugs and alcohol. Judah's commitment is to protect the children from their wicked ways and educate them and train them to follow Christ. He still leads prayer meeting every night at the village.

Even though Judah needs things a lot to work out his vision, he is still very strong in his faith. He works very hard to be able to start this year but all that he could do for the project is digging the foundation and building the bamboo house beside the foundation. The bamboo house is still empty. I appreciate very much his zeal with all his end.

Please pray for this. If you are in the situation to be able to help this project, I believe it will be very much precious in His sight and useful to train up those children in God's way.

Bryce Home 16

Solomon and Elizabeth have 3 children. They have an outreach church. Bryce Home financial support is useful for their family living and for their outreach ministry. Please continue to uphold them in your prayer.

If you want to serve the Lord as we see in James 1:27 'Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.' you can continue to partner with us financially and by prayers.

May the Grace of our Lord be with you abundantly.

In Christ,




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