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Bryce Homes Myanmar Update
August though October 2022

Update from Elisha

Hope and pray that you are resting in His peace.

Praise God for His protection and guidance till today. To live a life in
Myanmar is more difficult. Robberies and thieves are increasing day by day
because the situation we have been facing in Myanmar is very troublesome. 

As we live in a location where the most crisis take place, gangs and polices
are unity in robing the people. We have no security except God. Calling 911
is meaningless. Within this month September 2022, the 2 motor bikes that we
kept inside the gate in fron of our house was stolen. Actually, we locked
the gate and bike carefully but they are very expert in stealing. 

They don't care to take other's lives if they are paid money by others. Even
in publicly day time, we ourselves see some times robbing and killing other
by using knife. In such situation, we can't do anything except closing our
mouth. Even my wife Christina faced robbing two times. the first one was
near our house and the second one was on the way to the church. Insight the
bag, she put the Bible, note book and some money but by God's grace,
Christina could still continue Bible teaching chapter by chapter and prayer
to the women at Yolay and Shwelinpan twice a week.

The first stolen bike was two weeks back and after that we do not have bike
for marketing and for going outside. So, when we did not know how to do,
Habakkuk allowed me to use the bike they are using but last night it was
stolen again. I have ever read John Newton could give thanks to God when the
thief stole things from him, it is not easy to give thanks when we really
experience by ourselves. But tonight we count His blessings in our family
prayer meeting. We still have many reasons to be thankful. He is always with
us. He always gives us in times of need. He has been using you that we might
be a blessings for others. How precious is the privilege that we have of
serving God and serving others in needs.

Please continue to pray 1. that we might go ahead under the leadership of
God and stand strong in every situations.
2. that God gives us a new battery bicycle for marketing and for the general
used for going outside.
3. A car for the children's going to school from Monday to Friday and for
ministry activities.

Your loving brother in Christ,

Dear Roger, Tom and UTT supporters,

Hope and pray all is well with you under God's care and love so do we feel here. 

I know for sure that your prayer and financial supports are being worked on the ministry as God's hands are moved by His people. Actually, the situation here in our country is still deep in dark and people are struggling for rights and even for their daily basic needs, but God is so gracious to our family and His ministry.

We can press on the ministry, where and what God called us to do by His help.

We evangelize to the unreached people near our village every weekend, and some got saved by His grace. We also share the gospel to ordinary christians who don't know the truth and savior in personal life. 

At church, we can have some activities as below:_

1.House visiting to pray and encourage

2. Youth devotion service

3. Sunday worship service

4. Women's fasting and Bible study on Saturday

As our called is to serve the people through His will and way, we have to care many children who are essential to teach day and night because our local area is well known as unlimited in drugs. So, we become a big family with 18 members.It's a big challenge to stand for them for every needs that are 

1. in spiritual, 

2. educational, 

3. healthcare and 

4. christian etiquettes because we are responsible for them.Our main works for physical need are cultivation and livestock.

But I am sure He who is leading us is not weak and lack of something. He helps us step by step. 

I would like to mention some of our prayer requests: 

1. We plan to extend our house because of the situation.

2.All the children would grow in the knowledge of God

3. Our family might continually be used and shine in the darkness.

May God bless you all abundantly for His glory!

Your's in Him,








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