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Bryce Homes Myanmar Update

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Bryce Homes Myanmar Update
Sept 2017


Bryce Home 1

I greet Roger and all who get involve to support our family in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

By the grace of God, all the children are doing well. They go to school regularly. They learn so many gospel songs and the precious Word of God continually. As we have prayer meeting at night, they shared to others the goodness of God that they experienced in their personal life. They also distribute gospel tracts to their class-mates and school.

Please pray continually that they might grow in spiritually, mentally, educationally.

In Christ,




Bryce Home

Dear Roger,
First of all, I praise God for allowing me to share my experience in this third quarter 2017. I am very glad that I can continue serving God under the support of UTT.
In this third quarter, by the grace of God, I have a privilege of sharing the Gospel to so many people in my mission field and to other places as well. I distributed 2000 Gospel tracts and have house to house visitation.
From July, 2017- we have Church worship at 10:30am and 2:30pm as well on Sunday. We have 30-40 regular church attendees. On Wednesday, we have house to house Bible study and prayer. There are 14 houses involve in our church.
Seven months pregnant, my wife still works hard in teaching the children who do not go to school and another 20 children who go to government school.
I would like to request you to pray also for the church building as numbers are increasing year by year.

With thanks;




Bryce Home

Dear brothers,
How precious it is to have 7 months pregnant wife Christina, less than 2 years old babies Blessing and Joseph and 17 other children including Joshua my own son. Out of these, 5 of them are High school final. Besides, we have 7 Bible students. Morning by morning we see the new mercies of God and taste His goodness toward us.
As a spiritual battle is not ended, please continue to uphold us in your prayer so that each and every one of these children might grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus. We also will continue to pray for you all that Godís greatness might be seen increasingly in your lives and in the ministry.

With a million of thanks,




Bryce Home

Dear sir,
Greeting to you in Jesus name. May the name of God who has been guiding us thus far be glorified.

By His grace alone we can continue running Bryce Home-4 till today. Your financial support means a lot to us. Through it alone, the children have enough food, shelter, education, clothes. It helps to open the hearts of unprivileged parents to the Gospel of Christ. We also can have this kind of Godís given ministry and Yam seed plants and goats in our village.

Your brother in Christ,


Praying With The Children




Bryce Home 5

Dear beloved in Him,

I would like to praise God for all what He has done for us through you all. Again I count myself greatly privileged to be a care taker of Bryce Home five in Myanmar.

God is so gracious to us that He allows us to enjoy His blessings every day thus far while we cannot provide ourselves even for a half day need. He meets our needs of shelter (as rent), food and clothes, educational needs, even medical treatments.

The kids are doing well in health, in their studies and their daily livings. Their growth has been apparent in several areas under His care.

I hope God continues to be Who He has been to us even till our days end. We also pray that God would bless all who involve in this ministry for His glory as they only seek His favour and guide them into His will. Please continue to uphold us in the future as we have already been joined as one family in and through this small-but-great ministry. We are now 17 member in BH five family as i also attached our family picture.

God bless all.

Yours in Him,




Bryce Home 6

I should say once again, I am very thankful for counting me as one of the Bryce Homes family.

My desire is to be faithful to the works that God graciously given me.
I enjoy very much teaching the children with Sayama Hnemte. As you have been great companion to me, I also want to be a blessing to others as well.

With glad,
Shwe Oo





Bryce Home 7

I praise God for allowing my family to serve our heavenly Father till today. In this third quarter, my husband and I have house to house visitation to share the good news of our Lord to our local area and distribute Gospel tracts. We see the wonderful works of God in them. They take heed more to the words of God than before and having good friendship with them deeper. This is how the Lord works continually to reach out Buddhists community to the Gospel of Christ.

I also take times every day in teaching the children of Bible lessons, school lessons and some Gospel songs to the children. At the first time, their parents misunderstood and did not want to send their children in Bible teaching classes. But now the Lord works to the hearts of their parents by seeing the growth of their children educationally. So, now they gladly send their children to us. Even on Sunday, they allow their children to join our church worship. All these privileges are precious for us.

Our family commitment is to be ready for the Lord in every time and in every situation. If He allows us to serve Him here, we will continue and if He wants us to move us to other place also what we would do is the same as here.

Please continue to pray for us that we might be faithful in every situation. We will remember you too in our family prayer.

With love and best wishes
Hnemte(Mrs. Salaphan)




Bryce Home 8

Greeting to you all in Jesus name.

Because of loving God, all that you have done to us is precious for us. By which, we can continue training our children to grow up with educationally and spiritually. My eldest son, Thu Rain becomes grade-5, second daughter A Lay Lay becomes grade-4. Rosy, the third one becomes four years and the youngest one, adopted son Goel becomes 3 years old. Now my wife becomes 8 months pregnant. Please pray that we might have divine wisdom to train these precious children in godly way.

As you are a channel of Godís blessing to us, we will not end to pray for you. God will reward you more for His kingdom extension.

In Him,
Thar Neu




Bryce Home 9

Dear Sir,
First of all, I praise God for allowing me to get involved in the ministry with His manifold blessings.

We always pray for Roger and family and everyone who get involved to support us. We also pray for every Bryce Homes around the world.
What we have learned from UTT is also useful to reach the non Christians specially about creation.
Please also pray for us that we might be faithful to God and to the works set before us till the end of our lives.

Your brother in Him,
Ling khaw Gei




Bryce Home 10

Even though we are not allowed anymore to stay at our village, the Lord is so good to us. By coming to Shwelinpan Church, we are closer with God. On every Sunday, I sing joyfully special number and actively involved in house to house visitation.
I have a strong desire to serve the Lord with all my time and strength. Please continue to pray for that God might make the best way for us in the future.

Yours in Him,
Man Tilung




Bryce Home 11

Dear Roger and everyone in Christ,

Greeting to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this third quarter, we see a lot of progress in our childrenís lives. They improve very much because the Lord blesses our nightly prayer meeting. Physically, Educationally and spiritually, your financial support mean a lots to us. More improvement are seen than the previous years. 7 got saved and being baptized, they showed their salvation experience joyfully and some with tears.

At the same time , we also face so many hardship. We have no helper. Satan is working very hard to destroy the works of God through their outside friends and family back at home. But God reveals the truth to them again and again without explaining them with our words.

In August 17, the father of Moses, one of our children passes away. In the funeral, I have a privilege to speak the encouragement word to the people. God used it bad to good and opened many peopleís heart to accept Christ, I am very glad for that.
We are very thankful to each and every one of you for your support financially and by prayer.

Please continue to pray for us so that we might fix our eyes only on Jesus and all these children might be trained to be good followers of Christ.

In Him,
S.K Lian



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