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Testimony For Sa Khe Phaw
July 2020


Dear all donors,

I would like to share with you my life testimony. I hope and pray that this will be a strength for each and every one of you.

I was born and brought up from the non-Christian family, from the Buddhist society. I grew up in the lack of real love and warm. I used to feel dry and empty because of having many wants such as well education, real love, warm, good family and material things likes others. 

So I could not accept who I was and no satisfaction at all. I was struggling myself and blamed on my parents. My father didn't allow my mom to go to the church and even to read the Bible. When he saw my mom reading the Bible, my dad tore it off. 

For that reason, I felt that my life was meaningless and worse day by day. Happiness was more far away from me. But back in 2014, there is one question came to my mind, "where I will go from here when I die”. If I think such question, I fear and anxious for my future. I know that something is needed in my life.                     

By that time, I was brought to Yangon to work at tailoring factory. By the grace of God, I attended at Shwelinpan Church where pastor Elisha is preaching on Sunday. By listening his sermon, I came to realize that I need Jesus.

Therefore, I prayed at the first time with tears and as I continued attending to the church I was more hunger to the word of God. And when we had holidays, pastor Elisha conducted Bible training for us. By which I came to know who God is, who am I and what God has done for me and what I have to do. In April 16, 2017 I made a firm decision and accepted Christ to be the savior and the Lord of my life. 

At that time,  I was filled with joy and peace came in my heart and I have  assurance of salvation. I came to know that nothing is more important than the eternal life that I have.

And from the beginning of 2018, I had a strong desire to study the word of God at Bible school. For that reason, pastor Elisha sent me to Ethnos Bible School and now I become a final year student. 

I never regret of studying the Bible and having a commitment to the Lord. Before I was born again believer even if I did what I like, I felt that it's ok. But now if I don't read the Bible and don't pray, I feel not good. I always know how to examine myself whether I am right with God or not under the light of the scriptures. I should say this is the benefits of knowing God intimately. I don't have anything in this world but I feel enough because I have Jesus. 

Thank you for your financial support. Thank you for reading my life testimony. May God bless you richly more and more to be a blessing for others.

Yours in His service,
Sa Khe Phaw.




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