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Bryce Homes Myanmar Update

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Bryce Homes 1,2,6,7,11,13,14 and 16 Myanmar Update
July 2017


Respected Roger and family and all UTT related families in Christ,

I greet you all in Jesus holy name. Actually, I and my family are not deserved to be counted as Bryce Home one but by the mercies of God we are counted to be part of you family. This is so precious to me and my family.

I want to inform you that we regularly receive your support fund from Habakkuk. Those are meaningful for my children school meterials and for my family to press on to the ministry. Without which we are in the helpless situation. You are really used by God for my family in many ways.

I promise you that I and my family will always stand with you by prayer. My family job is church planting, evangelizing the lost and training the children for the future ministers.
Please remember us too in your prayer.

In Jesus name,

Greetings to you all in the name our Lord, Jesus Christ.

First of all, I should say it is Godís grace that I live and move and serve our great king.
Because of your prayer support, Yu Yu Lay church experiences a lot of improvement. We increase in number.
My wife teaches the children every day. On Sunday, we have Sunday school and church worship in 10:30 am and 2:30 pm we have another house prayer and on Wednesday 3:30 pm we have home cell bible study.
My wife is 5 months pregnant. Please pray that she might give birth well in time.

We also pray for every one of you.

In His vineyard,


Dear Roger,

I am always thankful and involve as a helper of children ministry along with Hnemte Bryce Home 7.

You faithful support for me show the love of God in you.

I am nothing but will always pray for u. Please remember me too.

With love
Shwe Oo

In spite of being many weaknesses, by the grace of God, my family stand for the Lord as a sistant pastor at Shwelinpan Church. This is so much great for me. To be able to work hard for the Lord, God supply our needs through you. This is a very great privilege.

My wife continue teaching the children from Monday to friday and I always go house to house visitation and prayer for the church related families and sometimes non Christian house.

The most precious privilege I have here is having regular Bible study with my family. Seeing our member growth ever make me glad.

Without your support, these would be impossible. So, we pray God to continue to use you more in the day to come. Please pray also for us that our family much always live according the word of God and faithful on our duty.

May God bless you all

With thanks

Dear Roger and Tom,

Firstly, I praise God for His wonderful grace and all the Bryce Homes families who pray for my family (Bryce Home 11) and UTT a channel of blessings whom God use to supply our needs. May the Lord bless all of you with His infallible love and grace

The Lord added our family members in this second quarter 2017. Currently, we have 10 girls and 24 boys. Including me and my wife, we all are 36 members together in Bryce Home 11. Seeing their growth in many areas give us new strength to work hard more and more. Our commitment is to train all these children to evangelize back to their parents and people.
In this second semester, 3 girls and 7 boys could finish their summer Bible training as we conduct Summer Bible seminary at our campus.

Please pray that the Lord extent His kingdom through this precious ministry and that it might be more stable work.

With thanks and prayer
Bryce Home 11

Dear Beloved Roger,

I praise God for His grace. I also thanks to you (Roger) and all who involve in Bryce Homes Ministry support. At the same time, I want to thank God also for all Myanmar Bryce Homes friends for their prayer support. Especially to Elisha and Habakkuk for their love and care.
I want to give you a report that Habakkuk send me monthly UTT supporst. Because of your prayer and support, we can continue outreach church ministry at Nga Khunget till today.
I also help Pastor Timothy at Bethel village church as a music leader.
In my outreach church, I have regular Sunday school and worship service and prayer in times of needs.
For my family self-sustain, I work in a rice field farm in the rest days. I also pray for all Myanmar Bryce Homes and for all of you in my personal prayer.

Yours Brother in Christ
Ali Ju Ju

Dear Roger,

I praise God for allowing me to get involved as part of Myanmar Bryce Homes till today. Actually, I am just a widow, but the Lordís given gift to me is leading the youth to Christ and encouraging themand praying with them in the ministry.
Please pray for me that I might work more for Christ as I receive monthly support from UTT. I feel that I have a great responsibility as I received Godís blessings every day in my life.
I also pray for everyone who gets involved to support of Bryce Homes ministry. I donít forget to pray for Habakkuk and Elisha for their faithful ministry.

With love and best wishes
Daw Na Ca.

Dear Roger,

It is a very great privilege that my family take part of Myanmar Bryce Homes.
I am also thankful Roger Understand The Times and Habakkuk and Elisha as well. Your help is very meaningful for my family outreach ministry.
Elizabeth and I have 3 children. We have Sunday school ministry and regular worship at the new outreach we have.
Our family works in a rice field farm for self-sustain.
We have a plan to start boarding school. Please remember us in your prayer.

In Him,



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