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Bryce Home Kenya
November 2017


Since schools have closed for the End-Year Holidays, Bryce-Home Kenya had an opportunity to fellowship with all the children under this program.

We noted that most of the children who were born when Bryce-Home program just started in the last six years are now grown and are a true testimony to what God can do to the needy through willing hearts of His servants.

We take a look at a five-year old young boy called Roger. As the mother narrates, this boy was just a few months old when Roger Oakland visited Kenya on a mission courtesy of Bryce-Home program. This little baby, Roger got hold of Roger Oakland while the mother drew closer to greet the visitors. It is this encounter that touched the heart of the visitors to introduce the mother into the program. Since then, the family had experienced a great relief in sustaining itself as the mother could get a monthly support in terms of foodstuff. Now through the little boy, the entire family (BH #23) has not remained the same. This is just but one of the touching testimonies about the children brought up under the Bryce-Home Program.

During our fellowship and face-to-face conversation with the children, a lot of things came into our picture. Ranging from the testimonies regarding the gains made by the children under this program to their individual needs, the forum became very useful to enable us plan accordingly with the children in mind.


       Testimonies From The Children

The following were listed as breakthroughs by the children in this program;

i)             Access to clean water through the provision of water tanks has relieved them from the burden of being sent to fetch water from very far rivers with 20 liters buckets on their heads. This posed a health risk in their lives as the parents used them as the beast of burden.

ii)            Establishment of houses in a number of Bryce Homes has provided them with enough space to study at home and have a quiet bed rest at night.

iii)           Provision of solar-lamps has played a great role as the children are able to read and perform excellently at school.

iv)           Provision of bedding also improved their comfort and reduced the risk of being affected by pneumonia during cold.

v)            The spiritual encouragement that has since flourished in the churches whose pastors are under Bryce-Home program has greatly motivated the children to lead a true Christian life.

vi)           The foodstuff has provided them with the opportunity to feed on a balanced diet hence the exit of deficiency diseases such as miasmas and kwashiorkor.


       Needs Of The Children

While speaking with hopes, each child had a prayer need as they proceed for the Holidays from schools. Some of these needs included the following;


i)            Three quarters of the children requested the Bryce Home Board to assist them with stationery ranging from books, pens and Mathematical Instruments.

ii)            Most of the children from a particular bushy remote area full of thorns requested for shoes to enable them reduce the risk of being prickled by thorns while walking to school. In fact, we noted one boy who was worst pricked by some poisonous thorn and he is now on medication.

iii)          Clothing has posed a major challenge in the lives of all the children as some dress in rags for clothes.

iv)          We also noted that most of the little kids required play kits like balls and ropes to keep them busy over the holidays. Some of them see children of their well off neighbors play using such kits making them to scramble for the same.



As a board given the responsibility to facilitate this noble mission of the Lord, we are so amazed by the upward trends exhibited in the lives of these little children.  Majority of these children have since put their hopes in this program and we only need to pray so that the Almighty God may sustain this program to continue.

As a matter of fact, many children in the homes neighboring the Bryce-Homes in Kenya persistently place their requests to be introduced to this program. In reply, we have always told them to pray that God may provide ways where seems to be no way. This experience has always made even the Bryce-Homes to at least prepare meals occasionally to share with the needy children of their neighbors. This has, in return, given glory to the Almighty God.

As a board, we have since embarked on a mission to encourage Bryce-Homes which have been blessed with some harvests from the farms like vegetables to give. It is more blessed to give than to receive. We are therefore putting forward a prayer item that the veteran Bryce Homes that have adequately benefited and are in a position to acquire a self-sustainable status be equipped by way of SBOs to start supporting others.

We finally thank all the readers who have always stood with these needy children of God. We will always be available to make the vision of this program a reality.


Children in a particular region line up to present a song
and later pray for the Bryce-Home Program. These children presented
very touching testimonies.


Children from neighbors enjoy a photo
session with Irene's children

To the far right is Molly with her children as they received 
the support this month.

Roger, front right, leads fellow children from their neighboring
Bryce-Home as they assembled for a photo session

Roger happily enjoys the photo session with
the rest of the Bryce-Home children in their

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