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Bryce Home Kenya
June 2017


Widows in a particular region line up for a grouped photo after receiving their share of support. Tens of children under their care are usually away in school during this time.

As the Lord enabled us early this month, June, we reached out to the widows in this program with a mission of distributing the support. They were very punctual for the events for the three days consecutively. The three days were allocated to each group who gathered at a particular point near their areas of residents. This month the venues for the three distinct groups were as follows:

1.Group 1; They met at Pastor Lucas’ place
2.Group 2; They met at Dorcus’ place
3.Group 3; They met at the Bryce Home’s office/store

During the meeting, a lot of encouraging testimonies filled the air as every widow had something to tell. Due to time and the logistics needed to compile all the testimonies, we could not record every testimony so we identified the following:


1. Gaudencia-2;
~Her family is tagged as Bryce Home # 57.
~She is a widow with six children.
~She got into widowhood 17 years ago when her husband succumbed to a horrifying death.
~The deceased husband was the sole family breadwinner.
~She has since found it hard to take care of the family.
~ She thanks God for the intervention of Bryce Home which has brought a ray of hope in her life.
~Through Bryce Home, her elder daughter who is now a lactating mother in her early age got support to continue with her education at Glory Christian School.

~ Gaudencia-2 is only four months old in Bryce Home but she has a burning testimony.
~ Her main prayer is to get assistance to reach a level of self sustainability so that she can also help other people in need.

2. Ephy;
~Ephy and her family are tagged as Bryce Home # 3.
~She is one of the many widows who have registered rapid growth.
~She is one of the pioneer widows in the Bryce Home program.
~ She has since learnt to live a normal life after many years of widowhood.
~She is gradually becoming a stable corn farmer as she relies on her children, who get proper nutrition, as the source of labor.
~Ephy lives to remember the depth from which Bryce Home has removed her.
~Though she is illiterate, her testimony moves people as the Lord gives her favor to articulate issues in a manner many cannot fathom.
~Through this program, she has benefited a lot from having her house built to being introduced to edifying Christian fellowship.

3. Elizabeth
She is Bryce Home # 27
~She is an elderly widow and among the pioneers of Bryce Home – Kenya.
~Her case is quite unbelievable since this program coincidentally found her in a deathbed.
~She was diagnosed with acute malnourishment since she was so exhausted to fend for her family.
~She spent most of her time sleeping by the roadside and frequently sought refuge. It was her day of blessing when she was rescued by Pastor Achilla who introduced her into Bryce Home – Kenya.
~ She now lives a more descent life and actively participates in church activities (singing) something she says is her calling.
~From her village, good testimony crops up as many who regarded her as a corpse are surprised with her descent life today.
~ Her prayer is that God may expand the territories of Bryce Home – Kenya to reach out to many and to enable them become self sustainable.

Elizabeth is the widow in the while shoes

4. Elida;
~Elida and her children comprise of Bryce Home # 35.
~ She is the most successful in the SBO (Small Business Opportunity).
~She has embarked in a serious exercise to catapult SBO program among the rest of the Bryce Homes in Kenya.
~She says that it would be wise for the existing Bryce Homes to succeed in the SBOs so that they can give room for other deserving widows to receive the regular food support.

5. Pastor Lucas & his wife;
~This couple was put under the Bryce Home for purposes of spiritual nourishment.
~They have played a pivotal role in the spiritual development of the widows and Bryce Homes.
~They are so grateful for the homestead established for them by the Bryce Home program to enable them reach out to the widows effectively.
~The Bryce Home – Kenya Board has rated them excellent in their service to the Bryce Homes by the favor of God. They lead by example and this is the way out.

Pastor Lucas (in T-shirt) serves widows and some of his congregation in his house. Board members were also present.

6. Remarks by the Bryce Home – Kenya Board;
We are so impressed by the upward trend in the growth of every Bryce Home in Kenya. With the number of Bryce Homes under regular monthly support now at 40, we have brainstormed over a possibility of ensuring some of the veteran widows being helped to be self dependent.

We can easily achieve this by boosting their SBO program by a send off support depending on the amount of capital proposed for a particular SBO. This would give room to recruit other deserving widows living a more desperate life. The arrangement will also help reduce the level of dependency.

At times we find it so touching to see a young widow full of strength sit down to wait for the support every month while there is a lot more that we can train them in to do in order to earn a living. Just a little capital would help start off this arrangement and help them provide for themselves after many years of support.

This is mainly a food for thought and we encourage the Bryce Home Board in USA/Canada to equally assess its viability and advise us accordingly.

Lukio explains a point by encouraging the widows to work hard in their SBOs. Pastor Achilla too emphasized the idea and they were all happy.




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