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Bryce Homes Kenya

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Bryce Home Kenya
August 2017


As it had been in the news Kenyans were set for a general election and as it had always been since 2007/2008 post elections violence, people are ever worried whenever they face a general election. To us (The Bryce-Homes) as a family, our concern was how to ensure the humble children of God get protected from any possible acts of violence.

During such times, it is always hard to even buy food as many traders hoard goods in fear of uncertainty. We thank the Almighty God so much for the provision He made to the Bryce-Homes fraternity, especially the widows, to enable them get foodstuff that took them throughout that trying moment.

We also thank God for keeping us safe as many people succumbed to death and others injured because of violence that erupted in the second week of August.  We encourage the readers to continue praying with us as we hope for peace to prevail.

Economic tough times are here with us but in God we have faith that the Bryce Homes will live for His glory. We therefore put before God the needs of widows, orphans and students who have been under Bryce-Homes support that they may prospe

To all readers and donors, it is such a great honor for us to express our sincere thanksgiving to you for being available to be used by the Almighty God to serve His children.  It is such a worthy calling and we encourage you to remain faithful to it for the glory of our Lord Jesus.


The widows are joined by Lukio and Lawrence as they give thanks by clapping and waving

Florence with her children receive the August support. They are now assured of enough food for the next month.

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