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Understand The Times 2016 Year End



Each year, during the first or second week of December, I post a year-end update for the ministry of Understand The Times and Bryce Homes. The purpose of doing this is to summarize the various tasks or projects that have been accomplished during the year we believe have brought glory and honor to Jesus Christ.

This past year, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the ministry of Understand The Times. I have personally been involved in ministry for 38 years, 10 of those years as a member of a ministry team based in a small town in the province of Saskatchewan and 3 years associated with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

While at the beginning of this year, I felt maybe the time had come to slow down or even retire, the hand of the Lord has been upon the ministry of Understand The Times like no other year we have experienced previously. As I was pondering this situation and making a list of the opportunities God gave us this past year, I felt it would be good to publish the list for others to see.

Truly none of this would have been possible without the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit. We take no credit for all the amazing things that have happened but feel it is important for others to see what God has done.

Here are some of the items:

  • The Bryce Homes Program has expanded from four to seven countries. We are praying about adding three more countries this coming year. There are now over 500 children and adults around the world that benefit from the Bryce Homes program on a monthly basis. This program began 10 years ago. I was personally able to visit the Bryce Homes and the leaders in all but one country.

  • Speaking engagements, seminars, and conferences were held in numerous locations including the USA, Canada, England, Italy, Kenya, the Philippines, Haiti, and Chile. Our schedule next year is even busier.

  • Two new web sites for Understand The Times are in the process of being established Ė one is in Italian and the second in Spanish. Several of our books and commentaries have already been translated and will be posted on these sites. We also have a vision to expand the Internet ministry into the Russian, Burmese, and Haitian languages as soon as possible.+

  • The Understand The Times web site has been enhanced by the addition of our YouTube channel. This includes a variety of audio and video programs that relate to our Bryce Homes around the world, teachings from various conferences, and high-definition documentaries that have been produced professionally by going on location and commenting on a variety of topics.

  • By year end, we are expecting to announce the launching of our own Understand The Times radio station that will air on our web site around the clock, every day of the year. This will include teaching from sound biblical pastors and Christian worship music between teaching sessions. Live programming will include interviews from friends of the ministry from around the world. We will also be commenting on the news on a weekly basis from a biblical perspective.

  • One of the major accomplishments of this year that we are excited about is the formation of a new web site called The Good Shepherd Calls ( The purpose of this website is to establish a platform for like-minded ministries. It will also provide a weekly Sunday morning service using different pastors each week. Many scattered sheep who are unable to find churches to attend in their areas are now finding a service they can listen to at any time on this site.

  • And finally, I want to thank Lighthouse Trails for the tremendous work they have done by publishing two of our books during this past year. The Evolution Conspiracy, co-authored with Caryl Matrisciana, is an updated version of a book Caryl and I wrote over 20 years ago. With new updated information, it is more relevant for today than it was then. The second is Good Shepherd Calls: An Urgent Message to the Last Days Church. It will be released just before Christmas. We truly believe that God is not done with us yet and that this book may be the most important one to date that God has given me to write.

   If you are a follower of Understand The Times, you know that many articles and commentaries were posted throughout the year keeping those on our mailing list updated. We have sent out many reports from our Bryce Homes leaders in various countries informing how your support was being distributed.

While all of this is time consuming and comes with a price, God supplies our needs through His people. I want to thank all those who have come along side to make this ministry possible. As a team, we can accomplish even more. Not only do we have those who have financially supported us, but we have those who spend their time volunteering in various ways. To all of them, we say thank you.

We end this year with our thoughts toward Godís great faithfulness. It is always our deepest hope and prayer that He is honored in all we say and do.

From my wife, Myrna, our family, and our ministry family, we pray that you will have a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


Roger Oakland

Understand The Times



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Understand The Times is not affiliated or dependent upon any other organization or denomination.
Understand The Times is accountable to a board of directors in the United States and Canada
and accountable, first of all, to Jesus Christ and His word.


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