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 September 26 - Aadhaar: India Supreme Court upholds controversial biometric database
 Article: Technology For A Global Monetary System

Comment from UTT:
The India Supreme court has upheld the introduction of a biometric data base system that will provide the means for mass surveillance. This is a sample of what will happen on a global basis in the near future.

India's Supreme Court has voted to uphold the legality of the country's controversial Aadhaar program, the world's largest biometric database which contains the personal details of an estimated 1.2 billion Indian citizens. In a 4:1 verdict Wednesday, the five-judge bench ruled that the scheme does not violate the right to privacy, a key element in a long running case challenging its constitutional validity.

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 September 28 - China Trying to 'Rewrite the Bible,' Force Churches to Sing Communist Anthems
 Article: Miscellaneous

Comment from UTT:
The following article provides insight into events that are happening in China which show that Christianity is under major attack. Please read this article and pray for Christians in China. 

The Chinese government is supervising a five-year plan to make Christianity more compatible with socialism in which there will be a "rewrite" of the Bible, a prominent religious freedom activist has told Congress. The Rev. Bob Fu, a former Chinese house church leader who immigrated to the United States in 1997 and founded the persecution watchdog organization China Aid, provided great detail during a House hearing Thursday about a plan enacted by leading state-sanctioned denominations in China to "Sincize" Christianity.

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 September 29 - Pope: Catholics around the world pray to Mary to protect the Church from the devil
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Comment from UTT:
Pope Francis calls for Catholics to pray to Mary and Michael the Archangel to protect the Church from the devil thus redefining biblical parameters

Pope Francis asks Catholics around the world to pray to Our Lady and the Archangel Michael to protect the Church from the devil, "which always aims to divide us from God and among us"

The decision of Francis, announced today, is to ask all the faithful a daily recitation of the Rosary during the entire month of October, "and to unite in communion and penance". The Pope's appeal also contains an invitation to conclude the recitation of the Rosary with the ancient invocation "Sub Tuum Praesidium", and with the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel who protects and helps us in the fight against evil (see Revelation 12, 7-12).


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 October 1 - World War 3: Iran launches 'DEATH TO AMERICA' missiles in nighttime strike
 Article: Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Comment from UTT:
More threats by Iran to initiate World War III by threats that are happening in the Middle East. Should the world be concerned? According to the Bible it is only a matter of time until Armageddon will happen in this region.
IRAN today launched a salvo of missiles with DEATH TO AMERICA written on the fuselage. The Islamic republic targeted US-backed militants in Syria saying it was punishing its enemy's "wickedness". The obvious sabre-rattling by Tehran sparked new World War 3 fears as it launched against American interests in the beleaguered nation.

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 October 1 - Travellers refusing digital search now face $5000 Customs fine
 Article: Miscellaneous

Comment from UTT:
Custom officials in New Zealand are now able to force owners  to turn over passwords for their phones and computers if asked, or pay a $5000 fine. This is one more indicator that we are living in an age when all personal privacy is under attack.
Travellers who refuse to hand over their phone or laptop passwords to Customs officials can now be slapped with a $5000 fine.

The Customs and Excise Act 2018 - which comes into effect today - sets guidelines around how Customs can carry out "digital strip-searches".

Previously, Customs could stop anyone at the border and demand to see their electronic devices. However, the law did not specify that people had to also provide a password. The updated law makes clear that travellers must provide access - whether that be a password, pin-code or fingerprint - but officials would need to have a reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.


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 October 1 - Did Jesus Perform Miracles? Half of British Adults Say No; Only 1 in 10 Back Literal Bible Accounts
 Article: Miscellaneous

Comment from UTT:
At one time, England was the bastion of the Christian faith. This is no longer true today. Evolution, humanism and secularism have eroded the Christian faith.

Close to half of British adults said in a poll that Jesus Christ did not perform any real miracles during His time on Earth. What is more, only one in ten said that that they believe the word for word accounts in the Bible, as revealed in the ComRes survey commissioned by BBC Local Radio, which was released on Sunday. (The standard error for the full weighted sample was about 1 percentage point.) 

The poll of 2,002 British adults, which took place between August 16 - 26, found that
46 percent of respondents do not believe that Jesus performed miracles in any form.

Another 37 percent said that they believe Jesus "made miraculous things happen," but added that the stories in the Bible include some which "should not be taken literally." Only 11 percent said that they believe the miracles happened word for word as described by the Bible.

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 September 28 - Pope calls for strengthening relations with charismatics and Pentecostals
 Article: Ecumenial Movement

Comment from UTT:
Pope Francis, a Jesuit, calls for strengthening relations between Catholics and Pentecostals. Most charismatics do not have to be persuaded. They are already on the pathway towards ecumenical unity with Rome.
Pope Francis spoke Friday to participants in the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, whose theme was "Pentecostals, Charismatics, and Evangelicals: Impact on the Concept of Unity". In his address, the pontiff called for overcoming mistrust and prejudices that exist between the Catholic Church and other Christian movements.

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