June 25, 2018 - July 1, 2018 
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 June 21 - Update: Broken world needs Christian unity, pope tells Christian leaders at WCC
 Article: Ecumenical Movement Christianity Uniting With Roman Catholics

Comment from UTT:
The Pope's message for ecumenical unity is a call for all Christian denominations to unify and come under the authority of the Catholic Church.
Not only God, but today's broken, divided world is begging for unity among Christians, Pope Francis said on an ecumenical pilgrimage to Geneva. "Our differences must not be excuses," he said, because as Christ's disciples, Christians can still pray together, evangelize and serve others.

On his 23rd apostolic journey abroad June 21, the pope spent several hours with Christian leaders at the headquarters of the World Council of Churches, a fellowship of 350 ecclesial communities, including many Orthodox churches. The pope came to help celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of what is the largest and broadest ecumenical fellowship in the world. Speaking to reporters aboard the papal plane from Rome, the pope said, "This is a trip toward unity," representing the "desire for unity."

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 June 22 - Hostility to Religion Rising Globally, Christians Targeted in 144 Nations: Pew Study
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

Comment from UTT:
The upswing of hostility towards Christianity continues worldwide. This is expected in light of the increased persecution the Bible reveals will happen in the last days.
New research reveals that religious hostility is on the rise globally, as government-sponsored restrictions and non-state actor assaults on religious practice have grown for the second year in a row.


The Pew Research Center's ninth annual study, which was released Thursday, on restrictions on religion around the world charted the direction of religious freedom in 198 countries in 2016, and found a notable overall increase from 2015. Whether from government decrees hostile to religious faith or terror groups committing atrocities against religious minorities in their societies, antagonism toward people because of their religion is trending upward. "More than a quarter (28%) of countries had 'high' or 'very high' levels of government restrictions on religion in 2016, an increase from 25% the year before. This is the largest share of countries in these categories since 2013," the report reads.

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 June 23 - African Churches: Pope Urges Fostering of Coexistence
 Article: Eculenical Movement - Misc.

Comment from UTT:
The Pope calls for all African religions to bond together in ecumenical unity. This is based on his belief that all religions worship the same "God".

Pope Francis on June 23, 2018, encouraged representatives of the Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC) during an audience at the Vatican. The OAIC represents 60 million members of various Christian denominations in Sub-Saharan Africa.


"A particular task of Christians in African societies is that of fostering the coexistence of differing ethnic groups, traditions, languages, and religions, a task that often meets with obstacles due to grave mutual antagonisms," the Holy Father said. "For this reason too, I would like to encourage greater encounter and ecumenical dialogue between ourselves and with all the other Churches. May the Holy Spirit shed his light upon us, so that we may succeed in discovering how best to promote cooperation between all - Christians, traditional religions, Muslims - for the sake of a better future for Africa."

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 June 23 - Holy Father: Interreligious Dialogue Built on Openness
 Article: One World Religion

Comment from UTT:
When all religions are encouraged to blend together by the Pope, the path towards a One World Religion is well underway.
Pope Francis on June 23, 2018, stressed the importance of openness in interreligious dialogue.


His comments came in an audience at the Vatican with a delegation of the Emouna Fraternité Alumni Association. "You also witness, in a spirit of openness, the ability of religions to take part in public debate in a secularized society," the Holy Father said. "You know, in fact, that true fraternity cannot be lived other than with this attitude of openness to others, which never seeks a conciliatory syncretism; on the contrary, it always seeks sincerely to enrich itself with differences, with the will to understand them in order to respect them better, because the good of each resides in the good of all."

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