June 18, 2018 - June 24, 2018 
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 June 8 - Hezbollah's Nasrallah threatens Israel: 'The day of the great war is coming'
 Article: Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Comment from UTT:

The Bible foretells the great final war known as Armageddon involving the nations of the world. Current events indicate this war which takes place in Israel is very near.

The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah terror group said Friday his men will not leave Syria even if the whole world tries to force them to do so, adding that only a request from the Syrian government would prompt such a move.Hassan Nasrallah said Israel had for years hoped for Syrian leader Bashar Assad to fall. Now that such a ambition seems unlikely, he said, Israel has set a new goal - to drive Iran and Hezbollah out of Syria.  Nasrallah also threatened Israelis, saying, "The day of the great war is coming."

Nasrallah's comments came during a televised speech he gave to hundreds of supporters who gathered in the village of Maroun el-Ras on Lebanon's border with Israel to mark Quds Day. The close ally of Iran said Israeli claims that Iran is planning to resume uranium enrichment to wipe out six million Jews in Israel were lies. Iran and its allies don't want to kill Jews, he claimed. "We do not want to destroy or kill or throw anyone into the sea," he said. "Get on your planes and boats and go back to the countries you came from." But "if you insist on the occupation, the day of the great war is coming, the day we will all pray in Jerusalem."

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 June 7 - UMC Minnesota Conference Removes 'Father' From Apostles' Creed for Worship Service
 Article: Unbiblical Christianity

Comment from UTT:
Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled as the slide towards apostasy has no limits. Just think how radically Christianity has been altered in the last twenty years. If you have been blinded by what is happening then you need to read the following article.
The Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church edited the historic Apostles' Creed so that it removed references to God as "Father" for a worship service.

The Apostles' Creed is an affirmation of Christian faith that goes back to the early Church and is still common in many churches that include liturgy as part of worship.

At the multiday Minnesota Conference, which went from May 30-June 1, liturgical folders reportedly included a copy of the creed that removed gender specific language for God, changing "God the Father Almighty" to "God the Creator Almighty" and "Jesus Christ His Only Son" to "Jesus Christ God's Only Son."

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 June 15 - Rob Bell Calls Evangelical Church Culture 'Freak Show,' Says Electing Trump Exposed Their Real Values
 Article: Emerging Church

Comment from UTT:
For a number of years, Rob Bell was heralded by a good portion of the evangelical church as a promoter of the new emerging church theology for youth. He now exposes himself in the following article

Controversial former megachurch pastor Rob Bell has admitted in a new interview that he never felt comfortable in an evangelical environment, and accused evangelicals of showing their real values by largely supporting President Donald Trump.

Bell, who formerly led Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan, before attracting controversy for supporting same-sex marriage and for his 2011 book Love Wins, which challenged Christian beliefs on Hell, told The Church Times in an interview published on Thursday that the label of "heretic" has become somewhat of a badge of honor for him.

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 June 17 - Berkeley: 'Climate Emergency' Worse Than World War II, Demands 'Humane' Population Control
 Article: One World Government

Comment from UTT:
The world is being prepared for a global enforced plan to fix global problems. While there is some opposition to this trend, we can expect this to happen in the near future bringing about a global government

Somebody should tell the Berkeley City Council that population is already 'stabilized' and headed down on a global basis and that global warming is a hoax. People who are given to receive delusion seem to have plenty to share with everyone else, and Berkeley is no exception.  ⁃ TN Editor

Berkeley's city council declares a 'climate emergency' and calls for stabilizing the population; #Tucker takes on political commentator Anushay Hossain. The Berkeley City Council on Tuesday night declared what it called a "climate emergency" with more global significance than World War II, and demanded an immediate effort to "humanely stabilize population" and "reverse ecological overshoot."

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