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 September 4 - Another cluster of small to medium quakes hit Soda Springs near Yellowstone National Park as total stands at more than 2,400 since June
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

Comment from UTT:
Yellowstone Park tremors are a preview of what will be coming in the future underneath the surface of the entire planet.  As well, all those who place their trust in material things will be shaken. Look up. Your redemption draws nigh!

USGS showing a cluster of 70 small to med affecting the area in the last two days... Another round of small to medium quakes hit the has rumbled through southeast Idaho, just 60 miles south of Yellowstone National Park. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

The epicentre of the quakes is located 11 miles east of Soda Springs, Idaho, but the tremors where also felt in Wyoming, and across northern Utah in Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Draper and Provo.

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 August 26 - Our Lady of Czestochowa is the tender queen of Poland, Pope says
 Article: Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

Comment from UTT:
This article shows how "Marianity" has become the heart of the Roman Catholic Church. According to this view, "Mary" the mother of Jesus is declared the Queen of Heaven. The Bible does mention the "Queen of Heaven" in the book of Jeremiah chapter 7. However, God is warning the children of Israel not to become involved in this practice which is declared an abomination.
As the highly revered image of Our Lady of Czestochowa prepares to get a new crown, Pope Francis sent a message to Poland, saying Mary in many ways is at the heart of Polish society as their tender queen and mother.

"If Czestochowa is at the heart of Poland, it means that Poland has a maternal heart; it means that every beat of life happens together with the Mother of God," the Pope said in his Aug. 26 video message. "To her you usually entrust everything: the past, present, future, the joy and sorrows of your personal lives and if your beloved country. This is very beautiful," he said.

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 August 29 - Visa outlines plan to push Australian banks to adopt biometric authentication
 Article: Technology For A Global Monetary System

Comment from UTT:
Technology continues the trend towards biometric authenticated transactions. This eventually fulfills the Bible prophecy of a one world system that requires all to be identified with a personal mark in order to buy and sell.
Visa has unveiled a four-year plan to push Australian banks to build infrastructure and implement policies to adopt biometrics authenticated transactions, according to a report by The Australian Financial Review.

The credit card giant's security roadmap details a four-year strategy for Aussie banks to adopt new standards for ecommerce transactions in an effort to streamline the purchasing process and reduce fraud, as well as implement new information sharing practices and tokenization technology.

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 August 23 - Parolin, Kirill: we have reached a 'new stage' in Church relations
 Article: Bridges To Rome

Comment from UTT:
The path towards ecumenical unity intensifies as the Roman Catholic Church and Russian Orthodox Church find common ground. Note the goal that is mentioned in this article - "to always walk more rapidly toward fraternal embrace and Eucharistic communion"
After a joint meeting during Cardinal Pietro Parolin's visit to Russia this week, both he and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill said the trip marks "a new stage" in relations between their Churches.

This stage, they said, is thanks not only to Pope Francis' meeting with Patriarch Kirill in Havana in February 2016, but is also due to the loaning of the relics of St. Nicholas to Russia over the summer, drawing millions of Orthodox faithful for veneration.

According to an Aug. 23 statement from the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow, at the beginning of the meeting Patriarch Kirill said the meeting between he and Cardinal Parolin was possible due to "the development of relations between the Russian Federation and the Holy See."

"But it is with still greater satisfaction that I see the development of relations between our Churches," he said, noting that his meeting with Pope Francis provided new impetus for cooperation between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church.

"This fact testifies that a new stage has indeed begun in our relations with events of great importance, which have been possible because in Havana we agreed our positions on many current issues," he said, adding that "this communion of positions allows us to build plans and give them real content."

Cardinal Parolin echoed the sentiment, offering Pope Francis' greeting to "my brother Kirill," and affirming the patriarch's observation that the Havana encounter "has laid the foundation for a new stage in the relationship between our Churches, giving new impetus to these relations," according to Vatican Radio.

Calling the visit of the relics an "exceptional event for the story of our Churches," Cardinal Parolin said the event is an example of "the ecumenism of sanctity, it's true, it exists." The saints unite us because they are close to God and so it is they who help us to overcome the difficulties of past relations due to previous situations, and to always walk more rapidly toward fraternal embrace and Eucharistic communion," he said.  

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 September 7 - The Sun Just Erupted: Blackouts Reported After Huge Solar Flare
 Article: Signs Of The Last Times

Comment from UTT:
Solar flare activity has a huge impact on the earth. Watch for continued activity in the future and how this relates to life on earth. Coupled together with the changes in the weather patterns that are underway the potential for global food shortages is a reality.
The sun just released a massive solar flare. In fact, this is the largest solar flare emitted in the past decade, and the earth has already been affected by blackouts.

NASA has reported a huge solar flare was emitted by the Sun and it is the most powerful one since 2006.  This solar flare has already caused some radio blackouts on Earth and it may cause aurora visible as far south as London.  On the morning of September 6, scientists watched as two X-flares were unleashed by the sun.

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