July 17, 2017 - July 23,2017 
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 July 7 - America's First Free-Roaming Genetically Engineered Insects To Release In New York
 Article: Cloning And Genetic Engineering

Comment from UTT:
The promise that the genetic modification of insects by modern science leads the way to the genetic modification of all life including humans. Does man hold the keys to wisdom or is this opening a Pandora's Box that will create chaos on planet earth in the future? The answer is simple. We are seeing the beginning of the end.
And away we go   Moths with a genetically modified kill switch to be released into the wild. The words 'likely' and 'unlikely' are used repeatedly to justify the release: 'unlikely to impact the environment or humans' and 'likely killed off my pesticides'. The USDA has again fallen under the spell of Technocrats who elevate science to a state of godhood and themselves as the high priests.  TN Editor

Diamondback moths may be a mere half-inch in length, but their voracious appetite for Brussels sprouts, kale and cauliflower make them a major pain for farmers. This week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved a potential solution: moths genetically engineered to contain a special gene that makes them gradually die off. A field trial slated to take place in a small area of upstate New York will become the first wild release of an insect modified using genetic engineering in the US.

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 July 10 - US military reveals $65m funding for 'Matrix' projects to plug human brains directly into a computer
 Article: Transhumanism

Comment from UTT:
Science fiction has the tendency to proceed scientific reality. In the past humans dreamed of the possibility of linking biological circuits to a digital network. Current research indicates this is no longer science fiction but an accomplishment that is in the process of being attained. This is also a frightening scenario that has the potential to control the thinking of humans on a global basis.

The US military has revealed $65 of funding for a programme to develop a 'brain chip' allowing humans to simply plug into a computer.


They say the system could give soldiers supersenses and even help treat people with blindness, paralysis and speech disorders. The goal is 'developing an implantable system able to provide precision communication between the brain and the digital world,' DARPA officials said.

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 July 9 - Christian Ministers to Use 'Magic Mushrooms' for 'Religious Experience' for Johns Hopkins Study
 Article: One World Religion

Comment from UTT:
Through out history, mind altering drugs have always been a door for mankind to the fallen spiritual realm. It is no great surprise that in these last days there would be a repeat of this pattern. Also, the fact that psychologists would induce such spiritual experiences with religious leaders from a variety of backgrounds is not surprising. We can expect this to continue in the future in light of what the Bible teaches about the trend towards a one world religion based on a revival of ancient Babylonianism.
Two dozen religious leaders from different faiths, including Catholic, Orthodox and Presbyterian priests as well as Rabbis and Buddhists, are now part of a Johns Hopkins study into the effects of psychedelic drugs on religious experience. Scientists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, will give those religious leaders two powerful doses of psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, according to The Guardian.

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 July - Reformed Church Body Signs Declaration on Justification to 'Overcome Divisions' With Catholic Church
 Article: Bridges To Rome

Comment from UTT:
The move towards an ecumenical unity with Rome by denominations that were once part of the Reformation is now almost been accomplished. For a Protestant leader to say that there is no difference between what the Roman Catholic Church teaches about salvation and what the Bible teaches is totally absurd. Certainly this is a clear sign of the great falling away that the Bible warns about.
A worldwide coalition of Reformed churches representing approximately 80 million Christians has signed onto an ecumenical statement with the Roman Catholic Church to "overcome divisions" from the time of the Protestant Reformation.

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