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 June 12 - We are LESS than two decades away from finding alien life: Astronomer claims microbial life will be found in 10 to 15 years
 Article: Miscellaneous

Comment from UTT:
Science is supposed to be based on evaluating the facts and not on wild speculation. Because evolution supports the idea that non-life has the ability to spontaneously become life even though this has never been observed, scientists are making the wild claim that it is only a matter of time when alien life will be discovered in other parts of the universe. Perhaps such claims should be tested here on earth first. No one has ever observed the spontaneous generation of life from non life. Is it reasonable to suggest that it could happen elsewhere in the universe?

Alien life could be discovered within the next two decades - but, these lifeforms will be far from intelligent beings, one expert claims.


According to astronomer Chris Impey, scientists are likely on the verge of detecting microbes on a planet beyond our own, with nearby candidates such as Jupiter's moon Europa thought to contain some of the conditions to support life.  While scientists have been searching the skies for decades, the expert says we may now detect microbial life in the next 10 to 15 years, especially as forthcoming instruments such as the James Webb Telescope promise to improve our chances.

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 June 13 - Ramadan prayers at site of Virgin Mary statue trigger outrage in Spain
 Article: Bridges To Rome

Comment from UTT:
It is obvious from this article there is a major bridge between Roman Catholicism and Islam. The bridge is "Mary". Expect in the future that this "Mary" bridge will become more and more significant as false appearances of a woman claiming to be Mary show up around the world calling for peace.

A Muslim prayer gathering at the site of a Virgin Mary statue has sparked outrage among politicians in the Spanish city of Granada, with a far-right party calling on Catholics to respond with a "night of prayer" at the same site. The controversial gathering took place on Saturday evening, when dozens of Muslims prayed together in Jardines del Triunfo (Gardens of Triumph) park before breaking their daily Ramadan fast.

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 June 14 - Facebook plan uncovered to SPY on users through their own smartphone cameras to analyze their facial expressions
 Article: Miscellaneous

The world uses Facebook and other social media formats without recognizing the threat that is posed to personal privacy. Read this article for insight into the direction technology is headed to set up a global system that is capable of monitoring every individual on this planet. All of this points to the very system the Bible indicates will unfold on this planet in the future.
The internet is buzzing with chatter about a new Facebook "feature" that allegedly peers into smartphone users' eyes to detect their emotional states. The social media giant has reportedly filed a patent for the new technology which, should it be officially launched, would allow for more customized advertising tailored to people's feelings.

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 June 14 - Abe Passes Controversial Bill Boosting Japan Surveillance Powers
 Article: One World Government

Comment from UTT:
This article reveals what is happening in Japan to set up a system of surveillance that monitors human behavior. This is one more example indicating the direction the world is headed to set up a global system of control that will be accepted for the cause of peace and safety. While this may sound like the right direction, for society it is exactly what will be utilized by the antichrist system as foretold in the Bible.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government passed controversial legislation that gives prosecutors the power to monitor and arrest people in the planning stages of crimes.


Under the bill, terrorist groups or criminal organizations could be punished for the planning of 277 crimes, which range from arson to copyright violation. Critics say the legislation is vague and could lead to the suppression of civil liberties and excessive state surveillance.

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 June 13 - Southern Baptists go 'gender-inclusive' on Bible
 Article: Unbiblical Christianity

Comment from UTT:
Please note the following statement found in the article below: The Southern Baptists have now adopted a "gender-inclusive" translation of the Bible. And Gallups warns the denomination seems to be trying too hard to appeal to a secular, anti-Christian culture rather than simply standing for truth.


The Southern Baptist Convention's 2017 meeting is underway during a time of crisis and division for the nation's largest Protestant denomination.
Much of the division centers on politics - and at the center of the firestorm is Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). Moore spent last year waging a long and bitter war against President Donald Trump and his supporters, including penning frequent attacks on the then-candidate in the pages of leftist media outlets like the New York Times. He also condemned Trump's immigration policies after the president's election. Even before the rise of Trump, Moore had also been pushing the denomination to support amnesty for illegal aliens, skepticism of Israel and other stands with which most American conservatives would disagree.


Carl Gallups, the author of several books including the recent title "When The Lion Roars," has expressed concern about the future of the denomination. The pastor has a long history with the organization. However, Gallups expressed concern that stance may be weakening. The Southern Baptists have now adopted a "gender-inclusive" translation of the Bible. And Gallups warns the denomination seems to be trying too hard to appeal to a secular, anti-Christian culture rather than simply standing for truth.

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 June 13 - Jewish, Christian, Muslim Leaders Feast Together for Interfaith Ramadan Break-Fast in Istanbul
 Article: Ecumenial Movement Misc

Comment from UTT:
More and more the news presents the trend towards bringing the world together religiously for the cause of peace. While this is a noble effort, the Bible indicates that this will never happen. While Pope Francis claims that all religions worship the same God, the Bible states that those who do not worship the God of the Bible worship the gods of the pagans.
Last Thursday, a delegation of rabbis joined Adnan Oktar, a prominent Turkish Muslim cleric, at the ırağan Palace Ballroom in Istanbul for his traditional iftar feast ending a day of fasting during Ramadan. More than 750 people from different religions and nationalities, including Jewish and Christian clergy and lay leaders, joined Oktar for the annual event hosted by Oktar's organization, the Movement for the Culture of Peace and Reconciliation.

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